Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Group Stage week 3 recap
Week 3 of the ESL Benelux Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship has come to an end and before we head into week 4 we look back at all the action that happened.

In the first match of the evening LowLandLions, former TeamBringIt, took on Royal-Lions at Dust2. After a back and forth start, LLL grabbed the lead in the first half 11-4. This advantage was too much to overcome for Royal-Lions, leaving LLL with a 16-6 win.

Asterion versus The Untouchables on Cobblestone was the next game of the evening. This game turned out to be a real nail biter. Asterion won the first half 9-6 on their CT side, but Untouchables came back strong on their CT side, bringing the score to 9-13. From here the score went to 14-14, after which Untouchables got match point. Asterion didn't want to have their first loss though, grabbed the last round, equalizing the score: 15-15.

Asser Gaming, formerly known as TAGTEAM.GG, against Slightly Different Gaming was a really close match as well. SDG came out on top on their T side on Cache with a 9-6 half. It proved to not be enough. Asser Gaming had a really strong T showing, equalizing the score at 12-12, after which they finished out the map 16 to 13.

The last game of the evening was Venko Gaming versus Orgless on Cache. The CT side from Venko was really good this game, as Orgless had almost no luck breaking the defenses, leaving them with only 4 rounds after the first half. At 14-4 Orgless tried to mount a comeback, grabbing three rounds. Venko wouldn't have any of it though, as they closes out the game 16-7.

This gives us the standings after week 3:

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