Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Group Stage week 5 recap
Week 5 of the ESL Benelux Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship has come to an end and before we head into week 6 we look back at all the action that happened.

To start it off, Orgless decided to leave the group stage, as they couldn't field a full roster.

In the first match of the evening Royal-Lions took on Slightly Different Gaming at Dust2. In what would become one of the fastest matches in the group stage, SDG took an early lead, leading 12-3 at half time. Winning the pistol as well, meant Royal-Lions had to forcebuy to try and get back into the game, but SDG shut it down every round, closing out the match at 16-3.

Asterion versus Venko Gaming on Cache was the next game of the evening. The undefeated Venko Gaming started strong, grabbing a fast 5-0 lead. Asterion tried to respond, but only at 7-2 were they able to get some rounds on the board, ending the half at 6-9. Winning the pistol meant that Asterion could equalize the score at 9-9, but after that Venko just grabbed round after round, climbing to 14-9. Asterion were able to hold Venko off until 15-11, however it wasn't enough and Venko closed out the game with a 16-11 score.

The last game of the evening was LowLandLions versus Asser Gaming on Mirage. Looking at the standings it should be a close match as both teams hadn't lost yet. Asser Gaming grabbed the early lead after winning the pistol round, but LLL answered back, resulting in a 5-10 score after the first half. Asser managed to win the second pistol as well, but LLL took the following round, after which they extended their lead to 13-7. The following 4 rounds went Asser's way, but after that LowLandLions were able to close out the game with a 16-12 score.

This gives us the standings after week 5:

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