Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Group Stage week 6 recap
Week 6 of the ESL Benelux Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship has come to an end and before we head into the last week we look back at all the action that happened.

In the first match of the evening Slightly Different Gaming got a forfeit win over The Untouchables, because Untouchables couldn't field a 5 man roster. 

LowLandLions versus Venko Gaming on Cobblestone was the next game of the evening. Venko Gaming won the first pistol round, but LowLandLions immediately countered with grabbinground 2, afterwards expanding their lead to 7-1. After the 8th round Venko could finally come with a response of their own, closing the first half with a 6-9 deficit for them. The second pistol round was a complete reverse. LowLandLions won that one, but Venko Gaming reacted with the round wins afterwards, bringing the score to 11-10 for the Lions. After this though, LowLandLions grabbed the momentum and closed the game out without losing more rounds, winning 16-10, giving Venko Gaming their first loss.

The last game of the evening was Asterion versus Asser Gaming on Mirage. This matched proved to be a really close game, with the rounds going back and forth between both teams. At the end of the first half Asterion grabbed a small lead though, closing the half out with a 9-6 advantage. In the second half it was again rounds going back and forth, until at a 12-12 score Asser Gaming grabbed 3 rounds, giving them 3 map points. Asterion made a small comeback though, winning the next 3 rounds in a row and making the match a tie at 15-15.

This gives us the standings after week 6:

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