Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Winter Group Stage week 2 recap
Week 2 saw a lot of action and before we head into week 3 tonight we look back at all the action that happened.

In the first match of the evening LowLandLions took on The Untouchables. Starting off with a knife win on Cobblestone, The Untouchables chose the Counter-Terrorist side, but it didn't really show why. After winning a with a force buy in round 2, they kept on losing rounds, ending up 2-13 down at the end of the first half. The second half was over quick, as LowLandLions lost only one more round, ending the game with a 16-3 score.





Asterion versus mCon esports on Cache was the next game of the evening. Choosing the CT side after winning the knife round, Asterion showcased their strength as they went to go 9-1. mCon tried to do something back, but the half ended with a 12-3 score. When sides changed, it was mCon that came out super strong, grabbing 9 rounds in a row, equalizing the score to 12-12. With a 13-13 score afterwards, it was Asterion that was finally able to get the last rounds and eventually close out the game at 16-13.


Venko Gaming against Dutch Prodigy was the first match played on Mirage. Dutch Prodigy picked the CT side after winning the knife round but went on to lose the first half 7-8. The second half was really close too, but at a 11-10 advantage, Venko Gaming with a strong end sprint took home the win 16-10.

The last game of the evening was between PROGRESSiON and 3P-Esports, who faced each other also on Mirage. Progression won the knife and immediately went 4-0 on CT side, but they ended with 7-8 behind as 3P bounced back. On the CT side, 3P proved too strong, grabbing the win with a 16-9 score.


This gives us the standings after week 2:

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