Hearthstone Group Stage week 3 recap
Week 3 of the ESL Benelux Hearthstone Championship has come to an end and before we head into week 4 we look back at all the action that happened. It was an action packed evening with great plays and series.

In the first match of the evening Arneej was battling firevlam90. firevlam90 wanted to get his first win on the board, but Arneej hadn't lost a series yet. firevlam90 started out strong, grabbing the first win, but afterwards couldn't manage to translate that into a win. Arneej came back to 1-1 and closed out the series afterwards: 3-1.

Next up were Lbdutchboy and hARMEN. hARMEN started off strong, but Lbdutchboy answered right back, equalizing the score 1-1. Afterwards hARMEN took game 3 and in the Warrior mirror match-up Lbdutchboy was 1 off lethal for 2 turns. hARMEN took the board control and finished the series 3-1.

The third series was maDe versus sjoesie. This was another undefeated player versus someone who didn't win a series yet. That wouldn't change after this match, as maDe 3-0'd sjoesie.

The last game of the day was Narra against ratje2000. ratje2000 started the series off with a win, but Narra equaled the score immediately after to 1-1. Afterwards Narra kept his momentum going, winning the following to games and grabbing the series!

This gives us the standings after week 3:

Make sure to tune in to week four of the ESL Benelux Championship on Thursday 19:00 at https://www.twitch.tv/esl_benelux!  
You can also check out all the matches of week 3 on our Youtube page.