League of Legends Group Stage week 5 recap
Week 5 saw a lot of action and before we head into week 6 tonight we look back at all the action that happened.

In the first match of the evening Sensei Esports took on ECVisualize. It promised to be a great match, as Sensei had only lost their very first match in the group stage, whilst ECV was undefeated going in to the evening. The game started of even, as both teams played passive, farming up and getting the occasional kill. Around the 18 minute mark Sensei took a slight lead, but with a great fight at minute 22, ECV traded 2 for 4 and equalized the gold differential. Sensei though got a nexus tower and kills in the following fights, after which they decided to go for baron. Against all odds ECV grabbed the Ace, losing 3 players in return. But it proved to not be enough, as Sensei won the following fights and finished a great match with destroying their opponents Nexus.

Freelo Baby versus mCon Logitech G was the second game. mCon wanted to get their first win on the board, but Freelo Baby had to win to claim a top 4 spot. mCon started off strong, grabbing the first kill, but afterwards it was all Freelo. They grabbed kill after kill and tower after tower, accumulating in a final teamfight win and the game after just 26 minutes.

The last game of the evening was Asterion against Western Hamsters. The game was a slugfest, where both teams traded blows and not giving any advantage to the other team, resulting in an almost dead even game at 20 minutes. In the end, Asterion had the better teamfights, giving them small advantages, after which they took baron. A final ditch effort from Western Hamsters near Dragon backfired, as they got wiped out, resulting in a victory for Asterion.

This gives us the following standings after week 5:

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