League of Legends Group Stage week 6 recap
Week 6 saw a lot of action and before we head into the last week tonight we look back at all the action that happened.

In the first match of the evening Asterion took on mCon Logitech G. Both team fought for their last chance of reaching top 4, so it promised to be a tense match. In the early game mCon was able to grab a small gold lead, but Asterion never let them get ahead too far, resulting in an even gold distribution at minute 20. A fight at the 25 minute mark changed everything. mCon engaged, but Asterion was able to turn the fight around, grabbing themselves an ace without losing a single member. They transitioned this into a baron and closed the game out 5 minutes later.

Western Hamsters got a default loss in the second game of the evening, giving Freelo Baby the win.

The last game of the evening was Lachende Gerdas against ECVisualize. As both teams are in the top 3, it promised to be a great match. ECV grabbed first blood, but couldn't transition that into a lead, as the game stayed dead even until the 25 minute mark. Towers taken down was even, ECV had more kills, but Lachende Gerdas had the better farm. Here Lachende Gerdas could take a free baron as they killed the opposing jungler, grabbing themself a small lead. They couldn't transition this advantage though. One teamfight turned the game around then, as ECV picked off the Mid laner, ADC and jungler. With 3 down, Lachende Gerdas couldn't defend their base as ECV hammered down the Nexus and grabbed the win.

This gives us the following standings after week 6:

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