League of Legends Winter Group Stage week 3 recap
Week 3 saw a lot of action and before we head into week 4 tonight we look back at all the action that happened.

The first game of the evening was ECVisualize versus Team Paria. ECVisualize was trying to get their first win on the board, after having lost both starting matches. They did show a better performance than the first 2 weeks, going toe to toe with Team Paria. After a back and forth game ECVisualize was able to get an Ace at 26 minutes, which they translated in a Baron. Transitioning this into inhibitors they were able to close the game out 10 minutes later.

The second game was Asterion against Team GameGear, which would prove to be one of 2 very fast games this evening game. From the very start it was GameGear coming out on top of trades, securing themselves more kills, towers and gold in the first 15 minutes of the game. This translated into a 10k advantage at 20 minutes, with which they secured Baron and ended the game.

Next up was Sector One versus mCon esports. mCon grabbed the lead with a strong invade into the Red jungle. Grabbing kills in multiple fights it was impressive to see Sector One staying almost even in gold. 2 strong teamfights from mCon were enough though to finally break open the game and slay the Nexus.

The final game of the evening was Lachende Gerdas versus Uncharted Gaming. This was the second fast game of the evening, but looking at the match it didn't feel like that. Uncharted Gaming stayed ahead in kills up onto the final teamfight, staying decently close in gold as well. Superior map movement and teamfighting skills from Lachende Gerdas proved to be too much though, as at the 26 minute mark the Nexus fell.

This gives us the standings after week 3:


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You can also check out all the matches of week 3 on our Youtube page.