Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an age restriction for ESL Pro League Dallas 2018?

    There is no age restriction, so bring your little brother and your grandma! :)

  • Do tickets have a fixed seat?

    No, you can freely choose your seat. However, your ticket category defines your access to different areas of the seating.

  • What options are there for food and drinks?

    Food and drink options will be communicated within the next few weeks. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for major updates.

  • Will there be signing sessions?

    Yes, there will be signing sessions during the event.

  • May I re-enter the arena?

    Yes, you can leave and re-enter the venue. However, make sure to keep your ticket and badge with you at all times.

  • Does a ticket grant access to all three days?

    All ticket categories - except for day tickets - give you access to the event on all days of ESL Pro League Dallas 2018.

  • Can I buy merch at the venue?

    Yes, there will be an ESL Shop with amazing offerings and all sorts of merchandise.

  • Can I bring a camera into the arena?

    Please note that only point and shoot, or action cameras can be brought into the arena. Cameras with interchangeable lenses and DSLR cameras are not permitted.