loWel: “It's like an adventure and I like it more and more.”
Christian 'loWel' Garcia talks about mousesports season so far, his career and esports in Spain!

With the seventh week of the regular phase already underway, we bring you an interview with one of the protagonists of this fifth season of ESL CS:GO Pro League: Christian 'loWel' Garcia. Together with his team mates, who held the first spot in the ranking for quite a while, loWel is one of Spanish pro gamers, who has managed to break through internationally and to compete in major tournaments all over the world.

For Christian 'loWel' Garcia and his teammates from mousesports, this fifth season of ESL CS:GO Pro League could not have started better. The sudden loss of their star player NiKo was a significant drawback for the team´s goals, at least in the books. Against all odds, the team has not only been able to adapt to its new situation but also maintain its leadin the ranking for a bit. Even though not keeping the lead, they are still amongst the top teams and only three points behind the new first placed team, Astralis.

We took the chance to speak with the Spanish star player about playing with mousesports, the challenges ahead and what he expects for the future.

ESL: These first weeks of ESL Pro League have been very special for the thousands of Spanish esports fans to see their countryman on top of the rankings. How did you feel at the beginning of the fifth season? Did you expect to be above teams like Astralis, Fnatic, G2 Esports or Virtus.pro?
Christian 'loWel' Garcia: To be honest, I did not expect it. With the departure of NiKo I thought it would cost us much more to be at the level of the other teams, but the team is reacting well and we are playing the best we can. So, for the moment, I'm pretty happy with the team and our performance.

I did not expect it, but I know we have the skill to play on their level. I had my doubts about the departure of NiKo but, as I said before, the team is working and reacting well to the problems of having little training time with this quintet. There are still many games ahead of us and we have much to work on.

ESL: It is clear that there are still many days ahead and many points to be gained before securing a spot in the season finals in Dallas. Do you think mousesports will be able to qualify and what rivals do you think will be the most dangerous for you on your way to Dallas?
loWel: It will be very difficult as we still have to play very strong teams. The most difficult I think will be FaZe and Na'Vi.

ESL: ESL Pro League, ELEAGUE, DreamHack Las Vegas - these five months as part of mousesports have been one big journey. A year ago would have you believed if they told you that at this time you were competing internationally on such a level?
loWel: The truth is I did not expect it. At first I had no idea of ​​English, then I joined PENTA Sports and tried to improve as much as possible on an individual level, learn English and simply make the best out of this opportunity.

When the offer from mousesports came, I knew it was an opportunity I could not refuse. Entering a team of this caliber gives you the opportunity to play in the majority of international tournaments at the highest level and, above all, to travel the world. It’s great when you can do what you like whilst being in places like Atlanta, Vegas, California, Brazil …

ESL: This great opportunity you have had to compete at the international level has also involved big changes and sacrifices, being away from the family, moving to an unknown city or communicating in another language most of the day. What has been the biggest challenge for you?
loWel: The biggest challenge I've had, by far, has been and is, the language. I did not speak English well and today I speak it well enough to communicate, but I am far from speaking fluently. I try to watch TV shows and movies in English, do just everything I can to improve.

Being away from home is also hard but you get used to it the more you travel. To me personally, I like the feeling of being alone, having to look for your life in airports, talking to people who do not speak your language. It's like an adventure and I like it more and more, except when I have to do 20 hour trips. In some moments however, I would like to be with someone - ideally someone Spanish of course, haha.

ESL: At the same time, there must be many great experiences and memories that you have experienced over these months. What have been the best moments?
loWel: The best times I've had these months have have been all the tournaments, which have been in beautiful places like California or Las Vegas. But if I had to choose one it would be when we qualified for the Major. It was one of the happiest days of my life by far. It is what every player dreams of, playing against the best in the most important tournament of all after hours and hours of sacrifice. Also in Brazil, Sao Paulo. We were in 3rd / 4th position and they gave me an EVP, to be among the five best players of the tournament.

ESL: Finally, do you think this step to compete at international level, and the recognition you gained with your successes, can help to accelerate the growth of esports in Spain and its professionalization?
loWel: I think so. I think that I and Mixwell are proving that there are good players in Spain and that, above all, with effort and dedication you can reach the top. However, in my point of view, Spain lacks seriousness on the part of the players and organizations, but the quality of the players is there, no doubt.

Today it is impossible but, in the future, I would like to make a Spanish team and share with them all the experience I have gained in these tournaments.

With this we said goodbye to one of our stars in the ESL CS:GO Pro League, Christian 'loWel' Garcia, not without wishing him good luck ahead of this fifth season!