A Statistical breakdown of the ESL Indian Premiership 2016 – The Masters
The Dota 2 Masters 2016 has finally concluded and it was Team Beyond Infinity...

The Dota 2 Masters 2016 has finally concluded and it was Team Beyond Infinity who walked away with a cool 5 Lakh Rupees. “Statistics is the grammar of Science.” – said Karl Pearson. Let’s take a look the most interesting statistics which defined the ESL India Premiership – Masters.





Sandking was banned 16 times in the ESL India Premiership 2016 – Masters.
Sand King was banned in 16 matches out of 21 and picked up in 5 matches giving him a combined 100% Pick+Ban record which was the highest amongst all the heroes. Outworld Devourer came in a close second with 15 bans. Interestingly Sand King only has a 50%-win record, which makes us wonder why the Subcontinental Dota Scene rates him this high.

ZeDisBuGG’s performances exemplified by his ridiculous KDA

ZedisbuGG’s Kills-Deaths-Assists Score (KDA) of 6.20 speaks volumes about his skill level. Although, retiring from the pro scene in mid August he has arrived and delivered on arguably the biggest stage in Indian esports. His KDA is only next to Blizzard, Sw1fty and Deaths - all of whom are either carries or mid-laners for their teams. He is fast becoming the Jimmy ‘Demon’ Ho of the Indian Dota Scene.

Slardar’s sky rocketing Winrate

Slardar was picked in 12 out of 21 games in The ESL India Premiership 2016 – The Masters. He ended up on the winning side in 10 out of the 12 games he was picked in. Beyond Infinity is a major reason for this exaggerated statistic with them picking up Slardar for No_Chanc3 multiple times in their undefeated title run. But still, Slardar who offers constant re-initiations and the ability to make Roshan significantly easier to take, played a major role in his deserved 78.57% winrate.

The Blizzard of Oz

Blizzard was in his peak form at the ESL India Premiership 2016 – The Masters. On average he died only 1.75 times per game which was the lowest amongst all the 40 gladiators here at Delhi alongside his teammate Sw1fty. His GPM of 692 is easily the highest amongst all the other players. His XPM of 608 is also the highest amongst all the attendees, even surpassing mids like Sw1fty and Archmage and his Average kills per game is only next to Sw1fty. He was a crucial player in Beyond Infinity’s road to victory and he is also becoming one of the finest carries in the entire SEA Dota Scene.

Oracle is Overrated

Although, Oracle is favored by both International pro Dota teams and Indian pro Dota teams he has a very underwhelming winrate of 30% even though he was the second most picked hero of the Tournament with 11 picks. Our analysts think Oracle has fallen off due to the decreasing pick rates of teamfight initiators like Batrider, Faceless Void and Tidehunter and the co-incidental rise in pick rates of heroes who are good in short skirmishes like Slardar and the illusion spam of Luna and Shadow Demon against whom Oracle offers very little.