As Swift as the Wind – An interview with Swifty – Winner of the Dota 2 Masters 2016
It’s safe to say that very few were surprised when Beyond Infinity...

It’s safe to say that very few were surprised when Beyond Infinity took home the ‘ESL India Premiership 2016 – The Masters championship. Whilst we considered them ‘the favourites’ ahead of ‘The Masters’ in Delhi, we could never have anticipated the seeming ease at which the Indian roster cruised through the competition on their way to the title.

We managed to grab Jeet ‘Sw1fty’ Kundra for a quick catch-up before he sets off with his winnings to ask him his thoughts on the ESL India Premiership and the Indian Dota scene.

Q: Congratulations on winning the biggest eSports tournament in Indian history! How did it feel when the GG was called in Game 2 of the Grand Final and you became champions?

Thanks a lot! We were extremely happy when we became the champions of the biggest eSports tournament of the year.

Q: You were the very first Indian team to have three 7,000 MMR players. How did you manage it? What would be your number one tip for someone aspiring to reach that level?

When No_Chanc3 reached 7k, we set it as a milestone for the rest of the members in the team. We were always motivating each other to perform better in games and increase our MMR. We decided to stick to our comfort picks in solo MMR and tried out new things in scrims.

My tip for someone would be to Grind a Specific number of heroes he/she is comfortable with & can carry the team mid-late game phase. Do not rage under any circumstances Kappa.

Q: What do you think about 7.00? Has Icefrog gone too far? Do you like the new UI?

I think this patch is really interesting. Apart from the small aspects players still are confused about, the new additions like shrines, backpack, the new talent tree etc are very exciting new features. I think some it will take a while to adjust to all this new stuff but once everyone gets used to it, the matches will be very fun to watch. And yes I do like the new UI. Its much cleaner which helps me focus on the minimap more. 

Q: What did you think of the ESL India Premiership 2016 as an established pro player?

ESL India premiership was a very fun event to attend. Despite being one of the biggest and most competitive events of the country, all the teams that attended had a lot of fun. We got to engage with a lot of fans at comic con and also made new friends from Nepal, Bangladesh and the middle east. Playing on the stage at the venue was also an amazing experience. I hope ESL India premiership 2017 will be an even bigger event.

“Do not rage under any circumstances. Kappa” - Swifty

Q: Let us talk about the Finals. Did you have a specific game plan against Invisible Wings? Or did you make it all up while drafting?

We didn’t really practice a specific strategy for this event as we had to play with 2 different rosters due to the roster lock complications. During the game we just followed what No_Chanc3 said and it won us the games. All of us went with the flow and the results show that it worked out for us pretty well.

Q: Can you describe exactly what sort of training regimen you were on in the run up to the tournament?

As I mentioned earlier, we couldn’t practice a lot due to the 2 separate rosters. We just followed the schedule that was set for us at the bootcamp.

Q: What do you think about the other teams and the players who attended the Masters? Did any team/player genuinely impress you?

The Council really impressed us. I think that if they increase their hero pool a little they would be a formidable opponent. They were very strong with their comfort picks.

Q: What do you think about the Indian scene at the moment? Do you think it will continue to grow? Can India become one of the best regions in Dota 2?

Indian Dota is looking great at the moment. With the help of organizations like Nodwin I think the scene will improve in the coming few months. And yes I do think India can be a recognised name in the international Dota 2 scene. We are working hard to achieve this goal.

Q: Thank you for your time. Any final words or shoutouts to your fans and the DotA community?

Shoutout to Asus ROG for their continued support and the amazing PC’s they have provided us.