The year’s longest tournament has finally come to an end. Risky Gaming...

The year’s longest tournament has finally come to an end. Risky Gaming were crowed as the champions of the first season of ESL India Premiership. They displayed incredible skill and mental fortitude which sets them apart from the rest. However, there were many moments throughout the tournament which set our hearts racing and had us at the edge of our seats, biting our nails. Such wonderful moments and high-level plays by pros throughout the tournament are what made the tournament worth watching. Today, we appreciate each and every player and their godlike plays which kept us entertained.

GreeNz from Risky Gaming was declared the Most Valuable Player of the tournament, and rightly! We all witnessed the devastation he can cause with his AK47. He posseses incredible firepower and excels in entry-fragging. In the loser-bracket match against Destructive5 on train, GreeNz surpassed super-human limits and dropped a 50 bomb. Watching someone get 50 frags in a single match is something that even people who have dedicated their entire lives to eSports don’t see often; it’s that rare!

Other player that we must mention here are Osman  and BreAker from Risky Gaming. Osman was the living manifestation of the Grim Reaper armed with an AK47 throughout his tournament. On both dust2 and train, we saw how he infiltrated behind enemy lines and got kills without anyone even realizing he was there. Not to forget his incredible clutch on train on extremely low health. Breaker time and again shut down the choke points with his AWP by getting triple or quad kills at enemies rushing out. It was indeed a sight to watch.

Sabayaschi “antidote” Bose was awarded the Rookie of the tournament award. Do not be mistaken, though. He is by no means, a rookie. Antidote is, according to many pros players and casters, an unstoppable rising star, especially with his AWP. We saw countless scenarios where his picks with the AWP gave D2D a chance to win that particular round. On some other occasions, we saw where he single handedly cleans up the enemy team, leaving his teammates wonder whether they were even needed in the game or not.

Simar “psy” Sethi too was a strong contender for this award, as he hard-carried Invisible Wings into the finals. His 1vs3 clutch against D2D on dust2 is something that nobody would forget for a long time to come. Both these players broke harlem with their AWPs; hitting impossible flick shots with lightning fast reflexes, they’re indeed role models for other aspiring AWPers.

Breaker from Risky Gaming was awarded the best In-Game Leader. He had a good read on the opponents and had done his homework on analyzing the weaknesses of his opponents. Under his leadership, players like GreeNz and Osman were able to do their fragging with relative ease while the rest of the team supported them with great coordination. All of this was possible because of Breaker and his game experience.

In our opinion, HellrangeR is also one of India’s best In-Game Leaders. According to his teammates, he spent a lot of time watching opponent demos trying to figure out their playstyles. In the words of t0ks himself, “They (D2D) showed great potential  even though they had 2 stand-ins. HellrangeR has the potential to be one of india’s finest IGL.” According to Breaker, unlike most other teams, D2D was tough to read and unpredictable at times.

Aside from the players mentioned here, we saw all other players step up and give us something to go gaga over throughout the tournament. For some players, this tournament served as a platform to make a strong debut and kickstart their careers in professional gaming, for other pros, it was a chance to show the world who’s the boss. Emotions, thrill, nervousness, eagerness, excitement – and numerous more feelings that can’t be put into words; this tournament had it all, and it was all thanks to the players and their incredible hard work to put up an amazing show. Without them, this would not have been possible.

We are not done yet. We will return soon, bringing a bigger platform for the gamers to showcase their passion!