The prize distribution ceremony also recognized individual talents of players...

Each and every fight, each and every round and every shot fired on the digital battlefields till now has all lead to this moment. A tournament which has lasted for around 8 months ends on a high note today as Risky Gaming dismantle Invisible Wings to become the grand champions of the first season of ESL India Premiership! The royal battle took place on the main stage of the Delhi Comic Con where the local crowd cheered for their favorite teams and enjoyed interacting with fellow gamers, cosplayers and fans.

Invisible Wings came into the grand finale from the winner’s bracket while Risky came in from the loser bracket; this meant that IW had a one map advantage over Risky. The first map to be played was Dust2 – IW’s pick.

Risky Gaming started off on the T side and won the first three rounds. IW hit back with a round of their own, only to spark a nightmare. Risky Gaming repeatedly gained mid-control and endlessly exploited A short and Mid-to-B to close the first half 13-2. There was very little that IW could do as they fell victim to GreeNZ and Osman’s deadly entry fragging. Breaker and t0ks made sure that rotating was next-to-impossible as he shut them down with his ‘big green gun’ – the AWP.

IW won the pistol round and the following two rounds to bring the score to 13-5 and give themselves some breathing room. Simar ‘psy’ Sethi did try to surpass his own limits by repeatedly causing havoc with his rifle and AWP, but there is only so much one person can do. An effective crossfire by Manan and Mithilf allowed IW to put up one more round on board. All the efforts however were not enough to stop the Arabian raid as they managed to get picks off IW’s overextending players and cutting off their rotations.  The map eventually ended 16-9 in favor of Risky Gaming.

Osman from Risky started the second map - train with a bang. As a CT, Osman and karribob stopped IW dead in their tracks as they tried to put together a fast B rush in the pistol round. Risky also won the next 2 rounds. The gun round came up and IW was able to dispatch Risky members at A site in their fast ivy push and get a round for themselves. It all went downhill from there as Risky went on to win 5 rounds in a row and get the score to 9-1. GreeNz and Osman pushed deep into the map and cut off all entry points for IW, leaving them with absolutely zero map control. In these rounds, they hardly allowed IW to step inside the side, let alone close to the planting area. Breaker too shut IW down with his sniping as he picked them off one by one with ease.  IW was finally able to get another round on board when psy got a couple of kills on the overextending Risky players. However, this joy was short lived as Risky out aimed IW in the next round, thereby destroying IW’s economy. The entire half was basically Risky shutting IW down as they try to enter sites but failed.  IW won the last round of the half ended the half at 3-12.

A sigh of relief was seen on the Indian faces as RiTz took up a triple kill on B bombsite in an after plant position, letting IW get the second pistol round. IW won the following round against Risky who were on an eco. When Risky had enough money to buy, t0ks sneaked right past psy, who failed to communicate about his movement from A main and got two quick kills on players who had no idea that t0ks was even there; this opened up the site allowing Risky to take control on A site and win the round.  This was repeated in the next round as GreeNz sneaks in from down ladder and cut off rotating CTs from connector. Once again, Risky was able to win the round because of this. IW gets some breathing room in the next round as Manan  is able to backstab Risky from down ladder as they were trying to take B bombsite. Psy takes a triple kill with his AWP next round but it was not of much use as Osman clutches a 1vs1 against Kappa and gets Risky to match and tournament point. IW’s economy is broken and they could only afford a quasi-buy next round, which allowed Risky to put the final nail in IW’s coffin and clinch the tournament.

Risky lifted the gorgeous ESL India Masters Cup trophy and won themselves Rs. 5 Lacs. Invisible Wings, settling at the second spot won Rs 1.5 Lacs.

The prize distribution ceremony also recognized individual talents of players who had stellar performances throughout the tournament.

Obaid “breaker” Al-Muhairi named the best In-game Leader of the tournament
GreeNz was declared the MVP of the tournament.

Sabyasachi “antidote” Bose named Rookie of the year.

Congratulations to Risky Gaming, who displayed dominance all throughout the tournament. After being knocked down to the lower bracket on Day 1 of the Masters Cup, they came through with sheer dominance and displayed exemplary skill and experience. We wish all the participants the best of luck for their future endeavors.