What it takes to win – A chat with CS:GO champions Risky Gaming
When Risky was invited to the ESL India Premiership Masters...

Full Name: Abdallah Al Ghifari and Obaid “Breaker” Al Mheiri
In game Nick: t0ks and Breaker
Age: 25 and 26 respectively

When Risky was invited to the ESL India Premiership Masters, everyone had their sights on them. Coming into the tournament as the number 1 seed does put a lot of pressure on you, but Risky showed that they are no amateurs. Despite that one loss in the winners bracket to D2D, they looked strong, confident and fearless, knocking over competition like a bowling ball over pins. Their play style was ruthless, punishing and unforgiving and they gave no chance to any of the teams that stood before them as they pushed ahead and picked up the trophy. But outside the game, the guys seemed relaxed friendly, charismatic and overall good dudes. We had a chance to catch up with t0ks and breaker after their win at the Masters and here is what he had to say.

Hi guys, congratulations on the win. You guys made it look pretty easy. What are your thoughts on the win?
T0ks:Thank you! I was glad that we managed to win. Proud of my teammates and the stand-ins for performing outstandingly throughout the tournament.

Breaker: Thank you! It was our first international tournament win so I’m pretty happy about it. Hope we canwin more international titles in 2017.

You guys came in as favorites and had a pretty strong showing. Barring that one map which you lost to D2D all the other maps were pretty much a whitewash. Did you expect the games to go like this? Or were you guys preparing for a tougher challenge?

T0ks: We kind of expected a fight from the Indian teams. It was never an easy road but that loss against D2D helped put some awareness in us and that was the turning point for us.

Breaker: We expected it to be a little bit harder specially because we did not have a full team and we were playing with 2 standins. And when you have 2 standin’s, it’s really tough to play as a team. Even though other teams had standins too, we still thought it would be a challenge.

You lost to D2D on cbble, got knocked into the lower bracket and when you faced them next you picked it again and destroyed them on it. What was the thought process behind this?

T0ks: We knew our cbble was strong but on that match, we were kind of trying new things and it didn't work out. In addition to that, D2D knew how to take advantage of our mistakes. We picked cbble in our "revenge" match just to prove that we aren't as weak as people thought and I feel like we proved that point.

Breaker: I thought that we were better than them on cobble even though we lost it. Cobble is a strong map for us, even though we were up 11-4 on the first half, we played terrible as CT sides and had many mistakes. We knew we were better than them but we made a lot of mistakes. Also keep in mind, the money system was messed upon our ct side.

Which Indian team impressed you the most and why?

T: It has to be D2D. They showed great potential even though they had 2 stand-ins. HellrangeR has the potential to be one of India's best IGL's and antidote is an upcoming star especially with that awp.

B: I think Dare 2 dream was impressive – because most Indian teams are pretty much not tough to read, but Dare 2 dream was playing as a team and were unpredictable at times. The second team that impressed me was D5.

So as we all know, you guys came into the tournament with a new roster. No Havok, no KitKat .. How did you cope with this? Were you a little hesitant or did you know that you were still the best team to come into the tournament?

T: We only practiced a couple of days with the 2 stand-ins but we knew Greenz and Osman were going to deliver and they did amazingly. With or without the stand-ins, we were confident that we will win the tournament.

B: We knew that we were the best team in the tournament but we didn’t practice much, only a day or two max. We had discussed that we would play this tournament as a team but rely a lot on individual skill.

So did you guys like being in Delhi? Did you get a chance to look around at the Comic Con?

T0ks: Unfortunately, we haven't seen much of Delhi due to losing that match against D2D which sent us back to the hotel to watch our matches and fix our mistakes. Comic Con was a great event. We did look around and some of us bought stuff from there as well.

Overall how was your experience at the Masters? Did you guys like the stage setup, the PCs, the overall execution?

T: Everything looked and worked perfect. We loved the stage, the presentation, the commentary, the crowd, the music, the sound effects and mostly the fans who came to watch us and even take pictures with us, that was the best part.

B: Stage was good, the treatment from ESL was great, the overall execution was also pretty amazing. However, the PC’s could be a little better because we were having a lot of FPS drops but this can be fixed pretty easily for the next time. Also the fact that the stage was outdoors and when we played in the mornings, the sun used to hit our eyes and it was a bit tough to handle. We were using caps to avoid this in the early games. But it was great weather as the day went on.

How did you guys celebrate your win?

T: We didn't have much time to celebrate as we had a flight to catch. We spent most of the time taking pictures with everyone including the players, ESL staff and the fans.

B: We were celebrating with our lovely fans, we took a lot of pictures, did a lot of signings, autographs, etc. We also had to catch our flight back to Dubai the same night of the finals so we did celebrate with the family when we came back.

Did you guys make any new friends from the Indian community? How was it interacting with fans and well wishers?

T0ks: I personally gained more than 70+ friend in my week of staying there. Everyone was friendly and amazing. I personally loved interacting with everyone there and the Indian community made it an unforgettable experience for us. We're very thankful for that.

Will you be visiting India for future tournaments? What do you think of the potential of esports in a country like ours?

T: We definitely will. I see a lot of organizations and sponsors interested in Esports in India. I believe E-sports in India is on the rise. I expect 2017 to be an even greater year and I will make sure once a big tournament happens in UAE, an Indian team shall be invited.

B: Yes we will definitely come back. The scene in India is growing, there a lot of teams that are getting sponsored, salaried, etc. Even though we do not have the salaries or many monetary sponsors yet, we hope UAE grows the same way too.

Thank you for taking out the time to speak to us. Do you have any shoutouts to give?

T0ks: My pleasure. I'd like to thank everyone in India for helping us and providing us with whatever support we needed. I'd also like to thank everyone who cheered for us throughout our journey. Thanks to our sponsors and to the UAEE-sports association for providing us with everything we need.

Breaker: Thank you for the interview, much appreciated. We would like to thank ESL for inviting us and giving us the chance to play in ESL Masters. They treated us really well. Also we would like to shout out to our sponsors: Zowie Benq, NVIDIA, WTFast, SoStronk and Emirates E-sports Association. Lastly, Thank you to the lovely fans and everyone who supported us – Without them we would mean nothing.