NA R6PL: eX and F3 take wins in group A
The first two games of the Rainbow Six Pro League Year 2 Season 2 are done and dusted. eXcellence Gaming and FlipSid3 Tactics won their games in NA’s group A.

FlipSid3 Tactics went up against the Rainbow Six Pro League newcomers of OMEN in the first game of the night. The well-experienced players of F3 crushed their opponents on both Kafe Dostoyevsky and Consulate to move on to their group’s WB Final. It’s obvious that whole F3 played really well, but the MotM title should definitely go to Mint, who even scored an ace last night.

Afterwards we switched to eXcellence Gaming vs. Continuum right away. They looked like two teams of the same level on the first map, where it took eX an overtime to secure the first win. However, on the second map eXcellence completely overpowered their opponents Continuum, only giving them two rounds. This is what we call an upset!


  • FlipSid3 Tactics 2-0 OMEN - Kafe Dostoyevsky 5-2, Consulate 5-1
  • Continuum 0-2 eXcellence Gaming - Kafe Dostoyevsky 4-6, Border 2-5

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