The first play day of the LATAM R6PL rescheduled
Yesterday we kicked off the Rainbow Six Pro League Year 2 Season 2 in North America and today competition in Latin America was expected to start. However, play day #1 is rescheduled.

Two best-of-three series were initially scheduled for tonight: BRK Esports vs. Merciless Gaming and NOX Gaming - R6 vs. Santos Dexterity. However, both games have been rescheduled and will instead be taking place this Saturday, 17th of June. The show will start at 11PM CEST/6PM BRT. You will be able to watch games live at youtube.com/ubisoftesports & twitch.tv/ubisoftesports.

Bear in mind that the following play days of the LATAM Rainbow Six Pro League will be taking place on Tuesdays.

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