We are happy to introduce you to the fourth official season of the ESL Southeast Europe Championship.

The ESL Southeast Europe Championship (ESL SEC) is a multigame eSports competition for the geographical region of Southeast Europe organized by the ESL. It's purpose is to foster the competitive scene in the region by enabling the gamers from different countries to compete and increase their skill and receive visibility, while providing high-quality and region-relevant entertainment for the fans.

It features 5 main regions with a total of 13 countries which are the following: Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus, Romania and Moldova, Adriatic (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, (FYROM) Macedonia, Albania)

The fourth season of the ESL Southeast Europe Championship covers 2 games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & League of Legends each of them being very popular in the region. The overall prizepool of the competition is 7000 euros which means 3500 euros can be won in each game.


League of Legends

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Our Vision

"South East Europe has always had the passion for esports, but despite all the enthusiasm and top-level gamers coming from the region, there have never been truly professional teams playing in the global elite coming from South East Europe. With the ESL South East Europe Championship we seek to provide experience for teams and players in an international tournament with LAN finals while providing them the opportunity to gain international media exposure and help them grow their career. For the fans we're offering unique regional esports content to enjoy, where they can cheer for their favorite teams coming from their home countries"

- Martin Kadinov (Product Owner)

History of the Competition.

Starting with a KickOff Season that was played online in 2014 it was continued with offline finals in Seasons 1-3. The KickOff Season had an overall prizepool of €5000 for 5 games. In next season the Finals were held in Bucharest where the players were competing for the same prizepool but in 3 games altogether. Season 2 Finals got place in Budapest, where players could participate in League of Legends and CS:GO for €5000. The last season got back to the first location, Bucharest. The teams were competing in LoL and CSGO for an increased prizepool of €7000. And here we are in Season 4, let's see what this season got for us.