Announcing the host region wildcard qualifier!
It is time to announce the host region wildcard qualifier!

The online playoff stage is still running with some of the best 8 CSGO teams from Southeast Europe, however from that stage only three teams will be able to advance to the live final. According to the structure of the competition the 4th slot will be given out to the host region by organising a qualifier where the winning team could represent their region and compete for the €3500 total prizepool of the offline finals. Please check the details of the last qualifier and sign up on ESL Play!

As you might already know from our previous news for the fourth season we are going to Belgrade, Serbia and that means that everyone from the Adriatic region will be eligible to fight for the last spot. If you are from the following countries you are allowed to participate in the wildcard qualifier: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, (FYROM) Macedonia, Albania

The cup will be a one-day online qualifier in a Single Elimination bracket starting 16:00 CET on Saturday 19th of November, exactly one week before the live finals. Do not forget that this is only valid for CSGO! The League of Legends qualifier will be organised at Games.CON by Fortuna gaming, where the winner of that LAN will be the 4th participant on Sunday for the League of Legend finals. Prepare yourself, may the best team win!