Greek Regenesis Esports conquer the SEC Season 4 League of Legends Title!
The Greek hegemony in League of Legends continues

Yesterday the SEC League of Legends competition came to a conclusion. The Finals were played live within GAMES.CON in Belgrade Fair in front of hundreds of viewers on site and much more online. The teams were hungry for victory and the stakes were high. However there is only one 1st place and once again it was taken by a Greek team. Greek Regenesis Esports proved their worth and rightfully won the trophy in Belgrade! Read below to see how the day played out.

The first match was the semifinal between last season’s fianlists Gplay.bg and Hungarian team myRevenge e.V. The first game was going well for the Hungarians, but Gplay.bg pulled out an impressive comeback and won it. The second game was all Bulgarian, with Gplay.bg winning convincingly, thus becoming the first Grand Finalist.

Result: Gplay.bg def. myRevenge e.V. (2:0)

The second semifinal saw the #1 seeded team, Greek Regenesis Esports, face against the WildCard Qualifier winner, ELITESQUAD. Even with the crowd behind them, ELITESQUAD couldn’t do much in the first game and got beat easily by the Greek team. The second game was no different, GRE breezed past their opponents to become the second Grand Finalist.

Result Greek Regenesis Esports def. ELITESQUAD (2:0)

The 3rd place decider match was forfeited by ELITESQUAD, so myRevenge finish the competition in 3rd place.

Result: myRevenge def. ELITESQUAD (ELITESQUAD forfeit)

Thus, we come to the Grand Final. An old rivalry between Gplay.bg and Greek Regenesis Esports was about to be resolved. In the first game the Bulgarians got the early lead, which they managed to extend with the time. In the end, however, GRE managed to pull through and ultimately made an incredible comeback, thus winning the first game of the Grand Final. The second game was all Greek Regenesis Esports. They dominated from start to finish and ultimately won the game and the Championship. The MVP award was rightfully won by Paris “SpArkS” Outsis. Congratulations to the Champions!

Result: Greek Regenesis Esports def. Gplay.bg (2:0)

So, we put an end to the ESL Southeast Europe Championship Season 4! The event in Belgrade was amazing and we thank everyone who came out and cheered for their favorite team. Until the next season!

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