Last chance to qualify in the groupstage!
You participated in the national qualifiers, but you’ve failed to get a spot in the groupstage?

The last chance to qualify your team for the fourth season of the ESL Southeast Europe Championship is nearing. According to the structure of the competition, each region can bring 3 teams from their respective national final to represent their country (15 teams in total, because we have 5 regions participating).



However, we have an international Last Chance Qualifier, which is open for every Southeast European country and is going to define the 16th team in the group stage. This is the only opportunity for your region to obtain an additional slot, so we encourage you to sign up if you'd like it to have the most teams participating during this season.

The one-day cups for both Counter-Strike Global Offensive & League of Legends are going to happen with BO1 rounds starting 16:00 CEST. Only the best prepared teams will continue their journey through the group stage! Who’s going to be the team, being one step closer towards the offline finals, fighting for a piece of the 7000 euros prizepool?

We’ll find this out soon enough. Good Luck & Have Fun and don’t miss the last chance qualifier!