Meet the talents of SEC Season 4
Today we introduce you to the talent lineup of ESL Southeast Europe Championship Season 4.

New season - new talents! With Season 4 Finals about to take place at GAMES.CON this weekend, we’re ready to reveal the names of the casters, hosts and analysts, which will be bringing you all the action. As you already know, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Finals are taking place on November 26th and the League of Legends Finals will happen on the following day. Read below to see who exactly will be covering the event during the two-day broadcast.

Alex “Bliss” Stinson is a shoutcaster from Greece for League of Legends. He started shoutcasting back in 2011, and he has filled several roles since then. His career, until now, has included coaching amongst other things, for teams like eXtatus, eSuba and Team Arsenal. He joined Southeast Europe Championship back in season 2 and he has stayed with us ever since. Now he is lending us his voice and knowledge, once again.

After 3 years as a professional player with impressive results both online and offline, Milos “Sa1na” Sainovic finally moved on to a new world, and found himself falling in love with streaming and casting. As a color caster and an analyst he brings not only charisma but also in depth knowledge once being a professional player himself. Sa1na’s first online experience was as the regular streamer of ESL Adria, moving on to cast the ESL Mesterschaft and more, to being a caster/analyst at the Fortuna Gaming Challenge 2016 and now a regular color caster in the FCS.

Dusan “dushanm” Maletic started playing Counter-Strike back in 2010 and his interest in E-Sports has been expanding ever since. Dusan became a part of the Efrag’s analyst team back in May 2016 same as Svojic and Rema. Aside from being a CS:GO expert, Dusan is also a manager of a prominent Serbian team playing under the name of CS-GO.rs. So far Dusan has worked as an analyst on both the World Championships 2016 and the Razer Rising Stars League.

Crețu “Ang” Octav started his career in eSports over 8 years ago where he went at his first lan event as a player. 6 years ago he started shoutcasting his first LAN Event - the first Romanian League of Legends LAN. Over the years ang has shoutcasted every single game (HoTS, DOTA2, Overwatch, CS:GO, LoL, etc) and major lan events in his country - Dreamhack, South East European Championship etc. Whenever he didn't qualify as a player to an important LAN, he shoutcasted, so here he is the romanian shoutcaster Octav "ang" Crețu.

Djordje “Djordje” Djurdjev has been a part of the E-Sports scene since its beginning, and his passion for television is why he is where he is right now. He has worked on numerous projects throughout the Balkan Peninsula but E-Sports is what he really enjoys doing. As a member of the Efrag team, Djordje has been a part of some major CS:GO tournaments, such as ESEC 2013, ESEC 2014 and TWC2016, where he worked as a stage host. Since the opening of Efrag’s gaming studio in Belgrade, Serbia, Djordje has been a vital part of the team, working mainly as one of the desk hosts.

Vukan “SVOJKE” Svojic started his career in Esports in May 2016 as part of the Efrag’s analyst team. He soon revealed his talent when he started working as part time desk host as well. His first world class event was the TWC 2016 held in October 2016 in Kombank Arena, Serbia. Svojic was part of the stellar analyst team which brought game to game, and map to map analysis to many viewers watching from their homes and of course the crowd in the Arena. As part of the online work, Svojic worked on both the Razer Rising Stars Leagues and The World Championships qualifiers as desk host/analyst and sometimes even as a colour commentator.

Marko “Rema” Stojmenovic is part of the Esports scene ever since 2006 when he started playing Counter-Strike 1.6. In 2014 Rema started working as the Dota 2 commentator where he showed his on-air prowess. As the Efrag’s analyst team started to grow, it was a perfect opportunity to show what he was really capable of. He soon found his feet and became a crucial part of the Efrag production, working as an analyst for both the World Championships and the Razer Rising Stars Leagues.

Meet all the aforementioned this weekend on our streams HERE, or live at GAMES.CON in Belgrade Fair Hall 2!