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This is your chance to be the best team of Southeast Europe!

The national qualifiers start next week and this means the fourth season of the Southeast Europe Championship begins! If you want to prove that you are the best team in your country or reagion then you have the opportunity to prove it in a professional enviroment. Even more, you can show that you are the best team of Southeast Europe!

You have a week to make the final touches on your teams tactics!


 National qualifiers in League of Legends

We would like to highlight that on each one-day qualifier you can win RP prizes, so don't hesitate to try your skill! The first qualifier default date is September 10th, but it can be different in your country or region, please check your region's date.

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National qualifiers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In the previous season we had a lot of close matches, let's see your new tactics and improved skill. As in LoL the first qualifiers will be on September 10th. Note that the dates and times can be different in your country! All National Qualifiers rounds will be BO1, except the Semi-final - BO3.

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For the detailed qualifier dates and times you can check the Qualifiers menu on this page. Like the Southeast Europe's facebook page if you want to be up to date in every aspect of the tournament. We wish good luck to every participating team, represent your country with pride! If you have any problem regarding the qualifiers, please write a support ticket for the specific cup.