The location of the live SEC finals is revealed!
The time to reveal the location of the SEC Season IV live finals has finally come!

We’re happy to announce that the event will take place on November 25th - 27th as part of GAMES.CON in Belgrade. This is the first time Southeast Europe Championship Finals will be held in Serbia, after being held twice in Bucharest and once in Budapest, for the previous seasons.

The three-day event will take place within GAMES.CON, a Belgrade gaming and pop culture festival, at Belgrade Fair Hall 2. The festival offers a wide variety of activities: gaming (PC, PS4) tournaments, board games and card games tournaments, cosplay and more. For all the info on the festival, check out the official website.

The SEC WildCard Qualifiers, securing a team from the host country in each game’s Finals, are yet to be played. The CS:GO WildCard Qualifier will be played out online in November and the LoL WildCard Qualifier will be organised by Fortunagaming and played live at the event in Belgrade from November 25th to 26th. The winner of that LAN can play on the next day as the 4th seed of the ESL SEC finals.

The CS:GO Finals will take place on November 26th and the LoL Finals will take place on November 27th. We remind you that the prize pool for the SEC Season IV Finals is 3,500 Euro per game. Each game’s Finals will consist of 4 teams (Top 3 from the regular season + Top 1 from WildCard Qualifier).

If you’re in Serbia from November 25th to 27th, you’re more than welcome to come and enjoy some live League of Legends and CS:GO action with the best teams from our region!