Two more national qualifiers left!
Two rounds of national qualifiers have already passed and two more are ready to go!

So far every Southeast European region, except for Greece, has hosted national qualifiers for both League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Now let’s check out the numbers, starting with League of Legends: In the first round of national LoL qualifiers a total of 83 teams participated, while in the second round - 63 teams. In CS:GO’s first round of national qualifiers 51 teams took part and in the second - 41 teams.





Qualified LoL teams for the respective national finals so far are:


  • Hungary: WiLD.CoolerMaster, Dark Wolves White, Wonder Stag e-Sports, EUNE ZOO BREAKOUT
  • Adria: Team Havoc, Ramen Squad, Kappapride, EuNe Cancers
  • Romania: Nexus, Ebay squad, Kiss Me Like U Miss Me, Romanians Team
  • Bulgaria: Crossfire Gaming, oliopower, Bpro Gaming, RandomsOnTheTop 

Qualified CS:GO teams for the respective national finals so far are:

  • Hungary: FRUITS CSGO, Fury Gaming EU, GODS Hungary, PIXEL
  • Adria: GetLifted, Team Vibby, The Overpowered, Game Pub
  • Romania: cooL Gaming, cooL Reunited (second Romanian qualifier is on 23 September)
  • Bulgaria: Bpro Gaming, Xentity, WinFiction CS:GO, PODAI KUPATA TAM

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