And... it's a wrap!

ESL Southeast Europe Championship Season 7 came to a completion, delivering beautiful duels, amusing highlights and high level of competitiveness, in all of its games, League of Legends, Counter Strike…

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Wrapping up Week 2!

ESL Southeast Europe Championship’s week two has been concluded, offering strong plays, decent macro and beautiful highlights, in all three of its games, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Hearthstone. Let’s have a look on how last week’s matches wrapped up. (more…)

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ESL SEC Season VII Survival Guide

Southeast Europe's most historic championship, ESL SEC, returns for the third consecutive year, bringing you its seventh iteration! Eight top level teams in CS:GO and League of Legends will clash each for the lion's share of the 5,000€ prizepool and the most wanted champion's of SEE title! We've gathered everything you need to know about SEC's latest rendition in one post!


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Wrapping up the Open Qualifiers!

The first stage of the Southeast Europe Championship is now well behind us, as last Sunday wrapped up the cycle of the open Qualifiers. More than 1000 players from all over the Southeast Europe joined our arenas and competed for a slot to the regular season and a chance to claim the lion’s share of the 5,000€ prize pool that each game has to offer! Our last open qualifier took place last Sunday, thus signifying a small period of relaxation before the real action begins, during the regular season. In League of Legends it seemed like the Greeks did make their comeback, as not only they overwhelmed the bracket but also sent two Greek teams, the superstar team The Teutons and WeLove Gaming eSports to the regular season. League of Legends Qualified Teams
  1. The Teutons
  2. WeLove Gaming eSports
In CS:GO we’ve had some really intense fights as well. The Hungarians, once again, excelled in numbers, as out of the 40 signed up teams, 18 were from Hungary but as it turned out this wasn’t enough. The Romanians JailOnShooting and the Serbo-Croatian powerhouse Kliktech managed to get the last two slots to the regular season.
  1. JailOnShooting
  2. Kliktech
Last but not least, Kapata's 3-1 victory of Cata handed him those sweet 100 points needed to make the cut and get his ticket to the regular season. The Greeks dominated the qualifiers, passing four players to the TOP8, effectively increasing their chances for a SEC title this year even further! From our side, we would like to thank and congratulate every team that joined us for this season. It was a pleasure to see new teams and faces signing up and trying their best for a slot to the most historic championship within our region!


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One last chance to Qualify to the Regular Season!

This upcoming Wednesday, 23/5/2018, we will host an ad hoc closed qualifier due to x25’s inability to provide a full roster.

Due to recent events, x25 had to release the majority of the roster, effectively leaving us without any other choice, but to remove their slot as it would be unfair to all other competitors.

As an organization though, we fully understand when a team, due to force majeure, remains without a full roster and as a result this is why we are not fully disqualifying them from the competition. Instead we are hosting a closed qualifier, where the not qualified TOP4 from all previous qualifiers will be invited, including x25, to compete for that newly opened slot to the regular season!

The following teams will be getting a second chance to the regular season:

  • Void Gaming
  • Better Jungler Wins
  • Red Fear eSports
  • Only 2nd place
  • U Cluj eSports EU
  • X25 eSports
  • Panathinaikos eSports

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Half-way through the qualifiers’ and the action keeps on burning!

The competition for the second slot to SEC’s regular season is becoming more ruthless, with more teams competing for that most wanted spot.

X25 ESPORTS, one of the strongest teams of the region, managed to qualify for yet another main season of the Southeast Europe Championship, thus making the lives of the remaining teams even harder. Despite their strength though, they succumbed to their fellow Serbians, LVLUP Rhinos, during the final game of the qualifier.

Qualifier #2 Winning Teams

League of Legendsx25 ESPORTS

As for SEC’s second mainstay title, the Romanian CS:GO legends, Nexus Gaming, managed to get themselves to another main season, while the Bulgarians Infamous got the 4th spot to the group stage.

For our secondary title for this season, Hearthstone, the ladder remained at the same levels as previous week, with Logan and Aubamech still staying on top of everybody else, followed by the serbian PeraHS.

For those that still don’t know how to qualify, the Open Qualifiers for each game will feed the group stage with their TOP 2 finishers with the exception of the last qualifier where only the TOP1 team will get a ticket to join the other 6 qualified teams and the one invited. As for Hearthstone, the 4 Open Qualifiers will allow players to gather points and the TOP8 finishers will compete each other at the group stage.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your chance and signup for the third open qualifier, scheduled to take place this weekend, 12-13/5/2018!

Counter Strike - League of Legends - Hearthstone

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