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The ESL Premiership Autumn Season 2017 Powered by Windows 10 and PC Specialist

Over the next 7 weeks we will see the best CS:GO action the UK and Ireland has to offer as our 8 teams battle through the round robin group stage every Monday from 7pm on Twitch

The top 4 will qualify for our Playoffs and then on to the Live finals to determine the Premiership Champions and the winner of coveted Mountain Dew League spot for season 26!

The ESL Premiership Autumn Season

Group Stage - Mondays 7-10pm - 17th July - 28th August

Best of 1 Format

Thanks for watching this week's #ESLPrem #LeagueOfLegends matches! Thanks to our amazing sponsors who allow us to… t.co/aEvASrnWaU
@EnclaveGamingUK @MacroManiacsLoL @ESLLoL Due to a forfeit, @EnclaveGamingUK pick up the win against @MacroManiacsLoL. #ESLPrem
Up next, our final match of the night: @EnclaveGamingUK takes on @MacroManiacsLoL! #ESLPrem… t.co/mlsfvJFLst
The win goes to @Singularitydk after defeating @exceL! Here's the highlights. #ESLPrem t.co/U5xfVE0U8X
Up next - @exceL takes on @SingularityDK in Week 1 of the #ESLPrem #LeagueOfLegends Autumn Season. Tune in:… t.co/umGVOOakbT
Due to a forfeit from @CAZeSports, @NerdRage_pro picks up the win in their match this week. #ESLPrem… t.co/Rl3VZoLmh0
Due to a forfeit from @CAZeSports, @nerdrage_pro picks up the win in their match this week. #ESLPrem… t.co/0McU9VibSS
Victory for @Barrage! Here's the highlights from the match between them and @MnMGamingUK. #ESLPrem… t.co/Xd90FMdQ9U
Our first match has started as @MnMGamingUK takes on @Barrage in the #ESLPrem Autumn Season!… t.co/hPmwlnCcEC