Congratulations to MnM Gaming - 2017 Spring Season champions!

The competitive season is separated into three clear phases; the Qualifiers, the Group Stage and the Finals.

The Qualifier Series was an open tournament for all players to join and try their hand at becoming a Premiership team. The top eight teams from our Qualifier Series, on the 11th and 12th of January, have joined us for the ESL Premiership season throughout January, February and early March.

The Group Stage began on Wednesday 18th January at 7pm with teams battling it out for their first points in the home and away round robin format. These games were casted live on ESL's twitch channel.

After 7 weeks the top two teams MnM Gaming and Team Xenex earned spots in the Live Finals, broadcast from ESL Studio one in Leicester on Sunday 19th March. MnM Gaming were crowned champions in a 3-0 victory.