Talents of VIP Adria League Season 1

Nikola "Micko" Milicevic
Nikola "Micko" Milicevic is the new face of the Serbian E-sports scene. He is a big fan of E-sports, as well as sports. He started playing League of Legends at season 2 when he was 15 years old. He watched his first E-sports match back in 2013. during Worlds Championship held in North Amerika. Micko was introduced to the E-sports scene in 2016. when he became a caster, and has casted over hundreds of matches so far. He enjoys even matches filled with action and indecisive fights.
Nikola "Celavi" Jovanovic
I am E-frag, ESL Adria commentator and analyst from Serbia. I was born in Belgrade back in 1997. In my esport career I participated first as a player then as a streamer mainly for game League of Legends. Besides, LoL I play CS:GO and FIFA with my friends. I am proud member of electronic frag, and ESL division in Belgrade and I am active analyst/commentator in their studio. I worked on various projects but my biggest achievment was ESG tour Mykonos. I am one of the most passionate shoutcasters you will ever meet.
Vojislav "SuprimeNexus" Peric
Jelena "Rapunzel" Savić
Gamer since a young age, on the Serbian scene known as only female host.