It's time for Clash Royale

It's time for Clash Royale

Welcome, all of you Clash Royale fans! A1 Adria league is back and it brought with it one of the most popular mobile games with it and once again everyone is welcome!

Last year we crowned Saša "Sasaa" Mišković as The Champion of A1 Adria League Clash Royale. Will you be the next Champion do you have what it takes to challenge everyone and come out on top? Sign Up and show everyone what you are made of!

Who is eligible to compete?
Everyone is welcome to sign up for the tournament as long as they are coming from the Adria region and you must be at least 16 years old. And one more Important thing signing up for the Tournament is Completely Free, therefore, what are you waiting for?

How do you qualify for the league and where can I sign up?

The 3rd season will work a bit similar to the last season, which means that there will be 3 open qualifiers in May and in June, players will be gathering points by competing in them and the Top 4 players of each Month will qualify for the Playoff stage. The Cups will be played on the ESL platform as last year. To clarify a bit here are the Cups.

             May                                                                  June
     11.5.2019. - Q1                                         1.6.2019. - Q1
     18.5.2019. - Q2                                         8.6.2019. - Q2
     25.5.2019. - Q3                                        15.6.2019. - Q3

How will the point system work for the open qualifiers?

The point system will be the same as last years, for those who didn’t compete last year here is the breakdown of it.

On each Open qualifiers Cup, you will be earning points depending on the round you managed to reach, so:

1st Place - 100 points and 20 Euros (Sounds good doesn’t it)
2st Place - 75 Points
3rd Place - 60 Points
4th Place - 45 Points
5th-8th Place - 25 Points
9th-16th - 15 Points
17th-32th - 10 Points
33th - 64th - 5 Points
65th - 128th - 3 Points
129th - 256th - 1 Point

After the 3 Open Cups in May, the top 4 players with the most cumulative points will advance to the Playoff stage, after that the point system will reset and it will start anew for the next 3 open Cups in June.

For those of you who are wondering yes if you won the 1st place on of the Open Cups, you are allowed to play the next one as well for the 100 points and for that sweet prize of 20 euros.

What will be the prize pool of the 3rd Season?

In addition to the 20 euros you can win on every open Cup if you qualify for the Playoff stage you will get a chance to get on of the following prizes:

  1. €500
  2. €250
  3. €150
  4. €100

If you are having troubles with signing up to the tournament, who can you contact?

For your convenience, our Admin Team is always vigilant and willing to help you out!
You can contact them here: (Discord ili ESL Platforma)