Group stage less then a week away!

Group stage less then a week away!

The group stage is upon us! It’s been exactly 158 days since the League was announced, and to be honest, it’s really been an eventful 5 months. But now, we’re ready to take it to the next level! All of our CS:GO and LoL qualifiers are done, and the stage is set for the next step in our journey, the group stage!

But first, let’s remind ourselves who are the teams that will be competing. In the CS:GO part of the League we have Bajini Puleni and Valiance&Co. as the invited teams, who were joined by Zagreb360 (ex ESK Gaming), Game Pub, GameZone, GIANT5, KlikTech and Project Lunacy through 4 rounds of open qualifiers, followed by 4 days of double elimination groups and a wildcard qualifier to round it all off. When it comes to LoL, we’ve invited x25 and Crvena Zvezda, and got Future Fighters, Zagreb360 (ex Zajcije Tacke), KlikTech, eSport Arena, Asus Rog Elite and Paradox through the qualifiers.

There’s just one more thing to do now, and that is to invite you all to join on the action when it starts this Tuesday, when the first LoL matches will be played. The League will be formated as follows:

  • Every team will play every other team in a double BO1 series
  • CS:GO matches will be played every Tuesday and Saturday starting at 19:00 CEST, and LoL matches will be played on every Wednesday and Sunday

The group stage will be exclusively streamed on our Youtube channelAs per usual, more information is available on our Facebook page, but for now - sit tight; the League is right around the corner.