Group stage is done - what now?

The group stage of the second season of the A1 Adria League is officially over, and after 14 mathch days in each game we can now look forward to the next step in our journey this year: the playoffs!

Of course, we first need to congratulate Locastic, Asus Rog Elite and KlikTech for the direct placement to the LAN finals. KlikTech is the overall winner of the qualifiers without a doubt, as they took both the 1st CS:GO spot and the 2nd LoL spot to go to the LAN worry-free. Valiance surprised everyone with their somewhat weaker performances this year, and coming as favorites they struggled to keep up with some of the newer teams in the League, namely Locastic.

The Croatian team is truly the surprise of the year, with solid plays and wins when it counted, although they did string a few losses near the end of the group stage. Be that as it may, Locastic will surely have quite the crowd at the LAN finals and they have more than enough time to practice now. KlikTech is again on top of their game, and after qualifying directly in both games the organization has quite a lot to be looking forward to.

The utter dominance of Asus Rog Elite set the tone for the LoL group stage, and after only one loss Asus is pacing steadily towards the title of the biggest favorite of the entire League this year. That one loss came from Paradox, the last placed team that actually won only that one game. We should also note that the CS:GO group stage saw some immense plays and twists, and the teams that would advance to the LAN weren’t known up until the very last match day.

Just like the last season, the teams that placed 3. to 6. in the regular group stage are going to be part of the online playoffs to determine the two teams that will be joining the LAN finals. The matches will be played in a single elimination BO3 format, with the timing as follows:


Semifinals - 30.10. at 18:00

Third place match and final - 3.11. at 18:00


Semifinals - 31.10. at 18:00

Third place match and final - 4.11. at 18:00

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The third place match is essential because the team that wins third place in the playoffs will be invited to the LAN finals if one of the top 4 qualified teams don’t manage to come, which we hope won’t happen. The teams will be seeded as follows:

1st seed: group stage winner (KlikTech and Asus Rog Elite)

2nd seed: group stage runner-up (Locastic and KlikTech)

 3rd seed: online playoffs winner

4th seed: online playoffs runner-up

On the CS:GO part of the LAN, KlikTech will play the second placed playoff team, and Locastic will play the playoff winner. In LoL, Asus Rog Elite will play against the second placed playoff team and KlikTech will play against the winner of the playoffs. Basically, the rules are here to provide an enjoyable and fair experience for all the teams and to eliminate any possible confusion between the teams and the League. We’re looking forward to watching the online qualifiers and see who the remaining teams will be !