Fire it up, the League returns!

Fire it up, the League returns!

Waiting is finally over and the new season of A1 Adria League is right around the corner.

This year we are going even bigger - with two competitive seasons that will include four games. Two for PC and two for mobile platforms but with slight changes from the past year. Prize pool for both seasons is 30.000 Еuro.

Season 3 starting this Spring will be played online without LAN finals as a prelude for the main season later this year. This means that players will have a chance to form new teams or make necessary changes in between the two seasons.

We hope that this way we can bring more stability to the regional esports scene. Both seasons will include open qualifiers, but more information about the qualifying process will be announced at the beginning of May as well as more details in general.

Two seasons, four games, one LAN final and 30.000 euros with open qualifiers so everyone gets a chance to participate! There is a long path between the qualifiers and the LAN finals. Path only the best can make it. So start preparing because we are ready. Are you?