Official announcement of season 3 & 4

Official announcement of season 3 & 4

Fire it up! The League is finally back. This is what we have prepared for you this year.

The last season was a blast! We had a lot of great moments - Valiance&CO defended their title in CS:GO and became the first two times champions of A1 Adria League. ASUS ROG ELITE took their first in League of Legends. In two new games we introduced last season, we witnessed some epic matches but in the end Saša “Sasaa” Mišković lifted the trophy in Clash Royale after beating Dominik “Domi” Štokan and Luka “Vulee” Vulović has bested Luka “Lavvek” Černeli in Hearthstone grand finals.

New, bigger and better regional esports experience with more money for grabs


Now it’s time to look ahead and bring you new, bigger and better regional esports experience in 2019 with more prize pool money for grabs! And man, do we have a lot to talk about. Prepare for spoilers!

Two of the biggest changes this year are: Two seasons instead of one and different games in the League. Don’t worry, we are still keeping the number of four games for both seasons.

A1 Adria League will consist out of four games with main focus on PC titles Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. Yeah, that’s right. We decided to replace League of Legends with Dota 2, one great MOBA with another one. Also, we are keeping the Clash Royale and we will introduce the second mobile game very, very soon. We came to a conclusion that two PC games and two mobile games are the right mix for us at this moment, so we decided not to change the number of games in the League, but give the opportunity to some other esports that are not getting that much recognition in our region.

Another big change is two seasons in a year instead of one. So in 2019, we will have the 3rd and the 4th season of A1 Adria League. The first will be played fully online during May and June and the second one will start in August after the summer break and it will have the full package including the big LAN finals at Reboot InfoGamer as you are used to by now. The overall prize pool for both season is 30.000 euros! Even more than the last year!

Our goal remains the same. Bringing the esports in the Adria region to a new level! We will try to achieve that by being the proving grounds for regional teams and talents by giving them the opportunity to experience esports and competition on a higher instance. First steps are always the hardest ones and because of that, we want to be your first step into professional esports!

Season 3 of A1 Adria League

Clash Royale

The 3rd season of A1 Adria League will start with open qualifiers for Clash Royale on 11th of May. We will have one qualifying cup every Saturday for the next five weeks in which the players are going to earn points. Four players with the most points after the first three cups and four players with the most points after the second three cups will compete in the online playoffs on 22nd of June. Besides the most points, the winner of every qualifying cup will get 20 euros and the overall prize pool for playoffs is 1000 euros with the champion taking home half of that amount.

Timeline & Prize pool

Clash Royale Qualifiers:
11.5.2019. - Q1 €20

18.5.2019. - Q2 €20

25.5.2019. - Q3 €20

1.6.2019. - Q1 €20

8.6.2019. - Q2 €20

15.6.2019. - Q3 €20

Clash Royale Playoffs
22.6.2019. - Top 8 online playoffs - €1000

Prize pool distribution:

1. €500
2. €250
3. €150

4. €100

You can already sign up for open qualifiers!

More details about the points system and complete ruleset can be found here.

The system is similar to one of the last season with weekly cups and monthly finals. It’s just that in season 3 we will have 6 weekly cups and one grand playoff!

Second mobile game will be announced before the start of Clash Royale qualifiers. At that point, we will explain the structure and the prize pool will stay the same for the most part.

Dota 2 and CS:GO

Competition in two of the PC games in the League - Dota 2 and CS:GO  - will start shortly after Clash Royale qualifiers, on 25th of May and will be held in the same format for both games. Saturdays will be reserved for Dota 2 and Sundays for CS:GO. There will be two open qualifiers with four teams advancing to the playoffs. Qualifiers will be played in single elimination best-of-one format with deciding matches in quarterfinals being played in best-of-three series. Finalists of season 3 will also advance to the group stage of season 4!

Online playoffs for Dota 2 with the 8 best teams from qualifiers competing for 2000 euros will be held on 8th and 9th of June with CS:GO playoffs for the same prize pool being played the weekend after.

Timeline & Prize pool

CS:GO Qualifiers
26.5.2019. - Q1 (Top 4 advance to playoffs)
2.6.2019. - Q2 (Top 4 advance to playoffs)
15./16.6.2019. - Online playoffs - €2000

Dota 2 Qualifiers
25.5.2019. - Q1 (Top 4 advance to playoffs)

1.6.2019. - Q2 (Top 4 advance to playoffs) 
8./9.6.2019. - Online playoff - €2000 

Prize pool distribution for Dota 2 and CS:GO

1. €1000 - Advances to the season 4 group stage
2. €500 - Advances to the season 4 group stage
3. €350
4. €150

The full structure, as well as the complete rules, can be found here.

Season 3 will officially end on 23rd of June with online playoffs for the second mobile game.

A1 Adria League Season 4

The fourth season of A1 Adria League for PC titles will be composed of open and closed qualifiers, online group stage, playoffs and LAN finals. Qualifiers will start mid August after which we’ll have the group stage during the months of September and October. Playoffs will be held right before the LAN finals which will start on 15th of November! Remember, two of the best Dota 2 and CS:GO teams from season 3 will advance directly to the group stage for season 4.

Clash Royale in the season 4 will have weekly cups with 20 euros prize pool each, 2 monthly finals with 150 euros prize pool and four of the best players after the LAN finals will split 1500 euros.

Prize pool for mobile games will be 1960 euros each and of course 10.000 euros for the best CS:GO and Dota 2 teams in the Adria region. Adding up to 30.000 euros for the best players in 2019!

Season 4 prize pool distribution:
Dota 2 CS:GO

1. €5000 1. €5000
2. €3000 2. €3000
3. €1500 3. €1500
4. €500 4. €500