"This means a world to me and my team" - Sener "SENER1" Mahmuti

"This means a world to me and my team" - Sener "SENER1" Mahmuti

The Dota 2 playoffs put a high standard for the Season 3 of the League regarding the quality of the matches. The week after CS:GO didn't disappoint either. In all quarterfinal matches, both teams managed to get to double digits. As the playoffs continued better teams started to prove their worth.

TheOverPowered was knocked to the lower bracket by uNiQUE that secured the spot in the Grand Finals. But the guys from theOP decided they want a rematch so they went on and win a close series against TRTRR in the Lower Bracket finals. Rematch in the Grand Finals between theOP and uNiQUE also went the distance and we saw all three maps, but in the end, uNiQUE managed to come out on top!

We talked to the captain of the team uNiQUE Sener "SENER1" Mahmuti about their recent success in the A1 Adria League.

  1. What did you expect before the playoffs? Did you think you can win the whole thing, and who you considered to be the toughest opponent?

SNER1: "There were good teams in playoffs. We didn't underestimate any of them, and yes we thought we would win. We know we have a lot of potential. The toughest opponent proved to be theOverPowered, also a great team."

2. You managed to qualify for the next season of A1 Adria League featuring the 10.000 euros prize pool. What does that mean to you and your team?

SENER1: "It means a world to me and my team that we have chances to prove ourselves even more. It is a great opportunity for us."

3. What can we expect out of uNiQUE? Any competitions in the near future?

SENER1: "Right now we don't have any competitions going on but we will start practicing soon, fixing some of our mistakes, etc."

4. Anything you would like to share with your fans and the general public?

SENER1: "We would like to thank the fans who were cheering and supporting us till now, its quite an honor for us."