It's time for Group Stage!

It's time for Group Stage!

After 4 open cups and two days of intense closed qualifier action we finally have our 8 teams that will battle it out in the group stage where only the top 4 will get the privilege to show the whole audience in Zagreb why they deserve to be there!

The group stage will last 7 weeks starting from 12.9.2019 with the last day of the group stage being 27.10.2019. The matches will be played every Thursday and every Sunday in those 7 weeks.

And you will be able to follow all of the action on our Official channels: YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITCH.
Now without further ado let’s introduce our teams that will battle it out in the group stage!

Let us introduce the 8 teams from the group stage:

First, we have the winner and runner ups of Season 3.

uNiQUE - We saw an outstanding performance by them, they dominated season 3, and we can’t wait to see how they perform week by week!

Vilay Esports (ex.vTheOverpowered) - They only lost to uNiQUE in the previous season, now there are a lot more teams that might go toe to toe with them and everything is open, new season, give it your all!

We also have two teams that were directly invited

Locastic & BLUEJAYS, you know all about them but if you need a refresher, you can read all about them here.


XPORTAL - What a strong performance they didn’t drop a single game in the closed qualifier, last year they didn’t manage to get into the group stage, now they get a chance even to reach the grand finals, grab it!

- They had a rocky closed qualifier, losing to team “Jeste” in the upper bracket then managing to eliminate “SoA Gaming” in the lower bracket in order to reach the group stage, good luck going forward!

WeirdChamp - Good performance overall in order to qualify they had to play versus team “Trtrr” not an easy opponent at all, but they did not fault and rose to the occasion now the long road through the group stage await you, tread lightly!

Jeste - wining vs team “Trtrr” and “CABRONE5” in the closed qualifiers an achievement of itself we are on the edge of our seat to see what you manage to do in the group stage!

Everyone welcome to the group stage, have fun compete and be the best versions of yourselves!

Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before.” —Bonnie Blair