Jelena "Rapunzel" Savic

She began to play Nintendo NES before she started to walk or even began to speak as a child. Hand in hand with parents who are gamers, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, since she would embark on a path of the IT profession and the gaming industry.

She graduated the IT Academy, but joined the esport scene of Serbia during her studies, where she continued after her studies. Even today, she is the only female esport host in the region, so she is often invited to many conferences as a guest where she encourages as many women as possible to join the world of gaming where she would support them.

The first steps in her career were as hosts of smaller tournaments of various games, while the bigger tournaments were broadcasted on national television. She can cast/host on english or on her native language, she is always in the mood to cast good games. Last year, she joined the A1 Adria League team where she hosted the League of Legends League, but also a LAN host at the Infogamer Reboot Festival where she hosted, LOL, FIFA and CS: GO.

This season, with great pleasure, she accepted the role of the host of the league part of LOL and CS: GO games. She is very active and open to cooperation on her socials where you can follow her, there she is known as Rapunzel, the girl with a mythical nickname, in fact, she is very simply a girl with golden hair.

Baro "Pougljeni Mrav" Barukčić

Although he always loved gaming Baro didn’t know that esports existed until 2014 when he stumbled upon the game of ESL One Cologne Quarterfinals between Fnatic and Natus Vincere. He was fascinated by the skill players that they  were presenting, but even more he was fascinated with production, crowd and of course the fact that there were casters involved, that moment was his first step towards his casting career.

His life-long dream to do something with his voice like casting or narrating was fulfilled in September 2015 when opportunity presented itself to cast his favorite game since childhood for CSAdria organization. It was hard at the beginning because he was new to this world of esports, but after only few short months he got the hang of it and started to build his regional reputation.  Since then, Baro casted more than a dozen regional tournaments in CS: GO with his recognizable voice and special ability to hype up during matches.

His ability to hype is his signature move and main reason why he loses his voice after every LAN Final, but also a reason why he succeeded as a caster. In last three years his voice could be heard on 7 LAN tournaments across the region including first season of A1 Adria League and CSAdria Clan Championship and number of online tournaments including last three seasons of ESL SEC.

Toni "Jurich" Jurić

He is Toni Jurić, but mostly known as MrJurich, still a Media student, with passion for esports. But a  gamer since his young age, but his first Counter-Strike game was CS:GO with which he instantly fell in love. He is involved with Counter-Strike’s Adriatic scene since 2015.

Started as news-writer then tried out as caster, and fast forward few years he is still doing that! In one of his first casts he got known as guy who likes to take banana and that has been following him since then. Besides that he is younger and sweater part of A1 Adria League casting duo, who is easily recognized by his Dalmatian accent. Casted everything from online weekly cups to LAN events.

Most notable work is casting multiple seasons of ESL SEC, Csadria Championship S2, NEST 2017, A1 Adria League S1 and Csadria Clan Championship. When he is not doing esports stuff, Toni is very active on the student radio of his university where he host morning show and his own show about electronic music. Besides his love for CS and esports he shares love for Hajduk Split, basketball and music festivals. For more about MrJurich follow him on his social medias!

Aleksandar "Proka" Prokic

A gamer from a young age (he had a beard even then), early beginnings on the commodore and later all over the amiga and pentium, Aleksandar "Proka" Prokic was brought to the local audience primarily by the modding of his computer and creating his own keyboards, combining all of his great loves with creativity and IT.

For you who are not so much following the IT world and enjoyed the last season of the A1 Adria League, Proka was remembered for the CS: GO match analysis and commenting on the Fifa lan final in Zagreb, he is someone who's in the world of analysts / hosts / casters around for more than a year while being in the Counter Strike world ever since version 1.3.

He has worked on many big tournaments so far, with the A1 Adria League Season 1, which was played last year, as the biggest one.

From Proka you can always expect a lot of jokes, sarcasm, but also professionalism when analyzing or commenting.

You would think that this man, with everything that he is involved in, would not have the time, but you would be  wrong, he is always ready for new projects and cooperations, because he always tries to direct his work and ideas to what he loves doing and he certainly recommends that to everyone!

Marko "Rema" Stojmenović

One of the most recognizable voice of this region is coming back for Season 2. Rema is coming back as an analyst for second season of A1 Adria League. He is known for working on various events such as A1 Adria League Season 1, ESL Southeast European Championship, TWC and many more.

He became an analyst two and a half years ago and had great success in esports, we are glad to have him back for second season of A1 Adria League. Sometimes he is a truly fashion model in his soul, so do not forget to follow him on his social media channels, especially Instagram for many fashion style ideas!

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