Stefan "Donn" Stojiljkovic
Donn has held a love for gaming ever since early childhood. Having played many different games from such a young age, his interest has never been limited in scope. Donn has a well rounded, established foothold throughout a multitude of genres, and has garnered considerable experience in many current popular games. However, he found himself becoming more invested in Hearthstone than anything else he was playing, and grew a love for the game and its community. It was a direct result of this love for the game that encouraged him to explore the avenues that streaming could provide, whilst maintaining a Balkan audience.
Upon attaining a career-high position of Rank 3 Legend, his broadcasting would later progress to become a more tutorial-focused platform, which allowed him to offer his expertise to his viewer-base in the form of coaching. It was not long that he ventured into the more media focused aspect of this passion as it did not take long for him to become a credible caster within the Balkan Hearthstone community. He will always continue to stay grounded and look to improve wherever he can.
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