Here at A1 Adria League we are all about providing a proving ground and professional esports environment for teams, players, and everyone else in the Adriatic region. We’ve been successful in achieving our main goal for three years in a row now. 

Everything started with the official announcement of the League in the spring of 2017. Such a long time ago, don’t you feel old now? After the qualifiers in July we got the four best CS:GO and League of Legends teams to compete in the LAN finals happening at the Reboot InfoGamer, the biggest gaming convention at this part of the Europe. 

Absolute winner was the team KlikTech, having representatives in the LAN finals of all three games, and taking the two first places. KlikTech LoL team will always be remember as one of the best to ever play the game in our region. They smashed everyone on their path. Toni “Sacre” Sabalić, KT toplaner and MVP of the first season made it all the way to the League of Legends European Championship since then and is now playing for SK Gaming, amazing achievement in just couple of years. KT Edinho won the first ever FIFA 18 tournament organizied by A1 Adria League. While in the CS:GO part of the League, newly formed Valiance&CO started their own path to the esports glory!

As time goes by everyone of us is getting smarter, stronger and a bit more experienced. So did we. In the second season we introduced some big changes in the format. Qualifiers took place well before the LAN finals, so that one game can be played at the time and qualifeirs for different games don’t overlap. But the two of the biggest changes we introduced was renaming from Vip Adria League to A1 Adria League, to proudly carry the name of the company that made it all possible, and we included two new games in the League: - Hearthstone and Clash Royale, meaning the A1 Adria League went mobile. 

New powerhouse emerged on the League of Legends scene - ASUS ROG ELITE. Guys showed they are capable of great things after great results in the regional tournaments and the A1 Adria League was no exception. x25esports put up a great fight in the grand finals, but ASUS ROG ELITE was truly the better team.

Valiance&CO came in the second season with the target on their backs, everyone wanted to take down the reigning champions. Locastic Esports proved to be the best challenger in the online part of the League, but when it came to the LAN finals, Valiance&CO had no problem taking down all the challengers that wanted their title. They won vs Locastic Esports, and then went on to outplay the GamePub in all-Serbian finals. Recently they changed their brand to Cr4zy, and for some time now they are proud representatives of our region in the top 20 best teams of the world. 

In Hearthstone Luka “Vulee” Vuletić made it all the way to the first place in the nailbitting lan finals. All players showed great skill and preparation, but in Hearthstone you also need a bit of luck. The toughest opponent for our champion was another Luka, Luka Črneli playing under the nickname of Lavvek. His expressions during those finals showed everything we care about in the A1 Adria League, focus, emotions, passion and great sportsmanship. 

Clash Royale finals took place on the same day. That friday we crowned the youngest champion of the A1 Adria League - Saša “Sasaa” Miskovic. Everyone gave their best but it was Sasaa who came on top in the end. Now it’s time for the new journey, new changes, and challenges.

1st season
    League of Legends FIFA 18 Counter-Strike:GO
1st KlikTech 5000 € 1st Edinho 1500 € 1st Valiance&Co 5000 €
2nd Bontech 3000 € 2nd Dino 1000 € 2nd Squared Esports 3000 €
3rd X25 eSports 1500 € 3rd Hasinho 400 € 3rd KlikTech 1500 €
4th RuR eSports 500 € 4th Luka 100 € 4th Zonic 500 €

2nd season
    League of Legends Counter-Strike:GO Hearthstone
1st ASUS ROG ELITE 5000 € 1st Valiance&Co 5000 € 1st Vulee 1000 €
2nd X25 eSports 3000 € 2nd GamePub 3000 € 2nd Lavvek 600 €
3rd KlikTech 1500 € 3rd KlikTech 1500 € 3rd Djuka93 300 €
4th Zagreb360 500 € 4th Locastic Esports 500 € 4th PeraHS 100 €
Clash Royale
1st Sasaa 1000 €
2nd Domi 600 €
3rd TrueAlpha 300 €
4th ConeKorleone 100 €