Interview with Gtrik from Zagreb360!

Interview with Gtrik from Zagreb360!

Zagreb360 is one of the first all Slovenian LoL teams in our region, and the first all Slovenian team to qualify for the A1 adria League, they are currently sitting at the third place in the group stages, we took some time to ask him a few questions their midalner Gtrik about himself and his view on the LoL regional scene enjoy!

Can you describe your road to the League in a few sentences ?
Not much to say. We got together planning to qualify for A1 adria League, we made it in playing the 4th qualifier, and then getting in through group C. It was fun.

We're halfway through the group stage - are you satisfied with your performances as of today, where can you improve?
We're fairly satisfied, although we think we can do way better than that. We can improve our consistency through hopefully having the main roster for all the remaining games.

We're very happy to have two Slovenian teams in the League this year. What are your thoughts on the Slovenian esports scene in general?

Slovenian esports scene is quite stagnant i'd say. Although there are certain players who are doing great (Mikyx in MSF, Phaxi - GO, Nemesis & Crownshot - MAD lions), the organisers of the events in Slovenia aren't really making much progress lately. It has to do in part with Slovenian  goverment, more specifically the sport organisation not willing to consider those events as sport reated, so they cannot get any funds from them, but then again, there isn't enough enthusiasm from organisers side to make it happen for now. I hope this gets better as more players show their worth all around Europe.

With what end result in the League would you be happy with?
We'll be satisfied with top2, as far as the League results go. At the offline event tho, winning it all is all that matters.

Who would you say that the best players in the League are?
I have certain respect for the jng/support duo of Asus, who i think really dictate the tempo in their games, other than that, i keep an eye for midlaners mostly (since i'm a midlaner myself), players like Dehaste, Von come to mind, although i feel fine vs anyone.

What do you think of the current meta and how does it impact your play style?
I like the current meta, as it feels like it's getting into the "late game teamfight oriented" style.

Anything you would like to add for the end?
People have been sleeping on us and maybe even ignoring us this first half of the split. While the standings don't really show them wrong, the 2nd half defenitely will.

If you wish to follow their progress and see how far they will come follow us on our socials and don't forget to watch our stream every Wednesday and Sunday from 19:00!