Driver interview with VP Boxer4everr

We met the 19 year old Tomek Mironowicz from Poland, currently number 2 in the PS4 ranking, for an interview. He spoke with us about his big passion for cars and racing in general.

Since when do you play PC2?

I started to play Project Cars 2 straightaway after its release in September as I wanted to be part of esports again. I have already had some incredible moments with Project Cars during a lot of enthralling cups and tournaments.

How did you come to play PC2, what fascinates you about PC2?

I think Project Cars 2 is a game for everyone who likes cars. Everybody will find something interesting like racing in a variety of series or just cruising road cars for pure fun with friends in locations like California Highway. Also, it is possible to participate in esports events. 
That’s the reason why I have chosen this simulator –  a lot of features that are included create a product that has big potential in the esports envoirnment and could even be pushed on an equal level with the most popular esport games like League of Legends or Counter Strike.

Do you have official achievements on PC2 level like other leagues you have already won?

Yes, I managed to win a couple of Sunday’s Go4 cups which have been my favourite way to compete in Project Cars. Also I took part in the ESL Project Cars Multi-Class European Championship where I was able to score a 2nd place in a challenger class.

Are there other games besides PC2 that tie you up?

I am keen on every racing game, but next to Project Cars I am tied up to the Gran Turismo game series which was the first racing game I have ever played. It is definitely the simulator I spend most time in.

What distinguishes you from your competitors?

This question is quite difficult to answer. Maybe it has to do with my attitude to racing in general. Besides my will to win, I am trying to make the race to a kind of show. As a MotoGP fan I love to watch overtaking manoeuvres and unpredictable scenarios. Also, I am trying to learn from my mistakes and to try to avoid them in the future, accepting also my weaknesses.

What is your motivation to participate in the A1 eSports?

Rallycross is such an amazing sports because it delivers so much action and so many emotions in such a very short racing time. The performance of these cars is just insane and it is amazing to be part of this cup. Racing is my passion and regardless of driving on a real or virtual track – I always try to drive the best I can and that keeps me motivated to participate in cups like A1 League Austria.