Driver interview with VP Isaac21

The Project Cars 2 qualification rounds are nearly completed: 6 out of the 8 qualifiers are played and the offline finals are getting closer.

We met Isaac Gillissen, currently set on postion 3 (PC Rankings) and winner of the second qualifier. The 17 year old Dutch guy who is probably better known as VP_Isaac21 (VP Gaming) answered a few questions about how he got hooked on PC2 and his motivation on participating in the A1 eSports League Austria.

Since when do you play PC2?

I started playing Project Cars 2 as soon as it came out in september 2017. After the SMS-r Championship with the Gamescom final on the original Project Cars game, I was eager to put in some hours on the new game to get an advantage over the other drivers for the upcoming competitions.  

How did you come to PC2, what fascinates you about PC2?

Project Cars 2 offers a huge variety of cars and tracks. This, in combination with the dynamic weather and livetrack 3.0, ensures that every race you enter will be different. It offers great opportunities for league racing and eSports competitions.  

Do you have official achievements on PC2 level like other leagues you have won already?

I finished fourth in both the SMS-r Championship and the Gamescom World Final, alonside winning the last ever Go4 on Project Cars. As far as Project Cars 2 is concerned, there hasn’t been an official championship yet. The A1 eSports League is the first big tournament on Project Cars 2. I did win the second qualifier of the A1 league. Other than winning the Go4 cup #4 by ESL there aren’t a lot of other achievements on Project Cars 2 yet.

Are there other games besides PC2 that tie you up?

Besides Project Cars 2 I also drive on other racing sims like Assetto Corsa, rFactor2 and iRacing. When I don’t feel like racing I often play Pubg and Rocket League.

What distinguishes you in comparison to your competitors?

As much as I want to win, I want to have fun and give the people watching the livestreams an entertaining show. Fair driving supports both, and thats what I try to aim for.

What is your motivation to participate in the A1 eSports League?

When I first tried Rallycross on Project Cars 2, I was surprised by how much fun it was and how intuitive the cars handled. Right away I tried to grab world records on every rallycross track in the online leaderboards. After they announced the A1 eSports League with rallycross I signed up for the qualifiers as soon as I could. With drivers from FA Racing G2 and Team Redline the competition is great as well. Oh, and the €15.000 prize pool isn’t bad either.