Project Cars 2 current standings

We are currently in the middle of the hot phase of Project Cars 2 Qualification. 5 out of 8 qualifiers have already been played! Who will make it to the offline final in Vienna in rallycross mode?

But first let’s have a look at the PC table:

Topa (FA Racing) is currently in first place with 445 points and has already managed to get a considerable lead over his competitors. After that, three drivers are very close: in second place is TRS YoohanTV (Team RaceStars) with 375 points and behind them ex aequo Oscaro Rotax (Oscaro) and VP_Isaac21 (VP Gaming) with 370 points in 3rd place. After that, Frede (FA Racing) is in 5th place with 345 points and just behind F4H Jaaames28 (F4H Motorsport) with 335 points in 6th place.

Topa is now on a comfortable 1st place with his lead. The rest will have to give their best in terms of qualifying for offline final.

PC Table

The table of PS4 drivers:

Here are two riders who dominate qualifiers: TRL_Magicmsm (Team Redline) is in first place with 465 points, just ahead of VP_boxer4everr (450 points, VP Gaming). In third place with 370 points is GTA_matty234 (Grand Touring Allstars) behind CAR_DriverR1 (ESPORTSandCARS) with 355 points in 4th place. The last two riders in the top six are VP_Darwin_Daume (335 points) and VP_ockerocker (320 points) from VP Gaming.

Even though 3 qualifiers have to be driven, TRL_Magicmsm and VP_boxer4everr now have a very good chance of reaching the offline final.

PS4 Table

Qualifier #6 is raced on Wildcrest Rallycross. A track with elongated rhythmic curves and many dirt passages. Drivers who are comfortable on dirt will perform well on this track.