On the road to Vienna – Interview with TRL_MAGICMSM

The 22-year-old Czech TRL_MAGICMSM is on his way to Vienna to win the Project Cars 2 title at the 4GameChangers Festival. In an interview we asked him what expectations he had before the competition and what he would have for the final:

You could claim the first place after the 8 qualifications in the PS4 table with 750 points. What were your expectations before the competition?

I was just trying to do my best and obviously I wanted to win in every race. The start of the season wasn’t ideal but then I’ve managed to grab some wins.

You could always secure a place in the Top 3 in all 8 qualifications and won 4 of them. That’s an incredible achievement. What do you think is the reason for your consistency?

Practice and avoiding the first lap madness.

After riding so well everywhere, it’s hard to say which route suited you best. At which track do you think you drove the best race and why?

Probably at Lydden Hill where I had a time penalty during the race and still managed to win the race.

After your performance in the qualifiers you will be among the top favorites in the final at the 4GameChangers Festival. Which of the other top 6 drivers would you rate as the toughest competitor?

I’m not sure, it’s rallycross and anything can happen. I will just try to concentrate on myself and see what happens.