ESEA & Qualifier Date changed
We are adjusting one CSGO qualifier and read more about how to sign up for the qualifiers on ESEA

Qualifier Date Change: We changed the qualifier date from 7th May to 30th April so that teams don’t have to choose in which they want to participate. Our goal is to support the african esports scene and help the teams grow. So we decided to move one of the qualifiers.

What is ESEA?: ESEA is a third party CS:GO matchmaking program that uses their industry leading anti-cheat (ESEA Client) to protect matches against cheaters. ESEA has high quality 128 tick game servers in North America, Europe, Brazil, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

Participation: The participation in the African Championship Qualifiers is free (no subscription required). There is no need for an ESEA subscription. 

Format: Two qualifiers where the top four teams secure their spot in the African Championship. All games will be BO1 except for the quarterfinals which will be BO3.


Qualifier: 23rd April 14:00 SAST

Qualifier: 30th April 14:00 SAST

How to register for the qualifiers : Log in to the ESEA website and open a support ticket here Please use "Africa Championship Qualifier registration" as the ticket subject with "Events" as the ticket type.

Provide the following information in the ticket:

Team Name:
ESEA player 1 link:
ESEA player 2 link:
ESEA player 3 link:
ESEA player 4 link:
ESEA player 5 link:
(if required) ESEA player 6 link:
(if required) ESEA player 7 link:
Submit the ticket and wait until a member of the admin team will add you to the tournament. The signup deadline is 2 hours before the qualifier begins. There is no premium subscription required to participate. More information on how to play an event is here. The registration for the next qualifiers will be opened after the previous qualifiers ended. Please use the same way to register as for the first one.