ESL African Championship: Week 3+4
Surprises, upsets and rosters changes are the aftermath of weeks 3+4. Read more about them below!

CS:GO Weeks 3+4

The third week of the championship went as everyone expected, since the top 4 teams from the previous season continued their winning streak with ease and the rankings remained the same. Due to EXDEE Gaming's captain KING missing on the match day, the team had to replace him with the freshly added member Beesus and the old team captain Azterix. Their performance though was shaky enough for Energy eSports to snag an easy win.  Flipsid3 Africa brought back Enigma for the match against Damage Control, a move that got them close to winning their first map but Damage Control stayed strong, figured out Enigma’s playstyle and got a fast win on the second map.

The fourth-week matches also brought the first surprise of the season; Goliath Gaming win over Damage Control. The replacement of their team captain, INCIN, with their substitute zDrag, proved to be a crummy decision as Goliath Gaming took advantage of this and secured their first win in the fight for the 4th place.

The North African group stage was a bit more diverse with teams like Fractals and VIBORA getting draws against each other and against their opponents.  Limitless.GG maintained their no-loss streak, but VIBORA succumbed the squad into their first draw of the league. Following their loss against No Relation Team in week 3, drinkpizza swapped Kiko with MvRiK in their match against Generation Digital, a move that certainly illustrated improvements over their previous results, but proved inefficient to secure them a win.

Hearthstone Weeks 3+4

For Hearthstone the rankings are incomplete but linger in the same manner as of week 2, with sythe and henrilys still being on the top, while Overgame, Saliom and xspiritsama still have their chance to tie them, provided that their rescheduled for this weekend games go as planned. This weekend is expected to be the most promising results-wise, as both Saturday and Sunday will feature 5 games each, where tiebreakers are expected to happen.