Last Week in ESL Africa: Week 5
With the end of the group stage now being on the horizon, below you may read a short summary of what happened last week in the ESL African Championship.

The fifth week of the championship continues with wins for Energy eSports and Bravado Gaming and improvements for the newcomers. A small surprise came from Flipsid3 Africa after they sent both maps to overtime against EXDEE Gaming. The squad played with the same roster as previous week, showing that they are starting to get the hang of it and probably found the best composition to fit their playstyle. Goliath Gaming boosted by the confidence gathered the week before, got another win against xTc Gaming, starting to build their way to the fourth place and a secured slot for Season 3.

As for the North African group stage, games in the fifth week continue to be as diverse as always. Limitless.gg secured their spot to the offline finals and at least the second place in the group stage after a fast win against No Relation Team on de_cbble and de_inferno. What now remains to be seen in the upcoming weeks is if they will win the groups and take the first seed to the offline finals. After an easy win for KappaMa on de_cache, TUNISIA WITH LOVE turned the match to a draw on de_train, keeping the rankings as tight as ever between the bottom six teams, leaving the possibility of qualifying through the last slot to the offline finals from rAge Expo to everyone.

The rankings continue to be incomplete for Hearthstone due to a lot of unforeseen connection problems and reschedules, but despite all sythe and henrilys remain at the top of the ladder. The first place though is still up for grabs, as Saliom’s two remaining games can send him to the top. It still remains to be seen though whether he will be able to score wins against Overgame and djrab. The rankings have developed in such a way, that at this point we can expect to see anyone in the top 4 by the end of the group stage! Stay tune to the ESL African Championship as the decider games are yet to be played.