Last Week in ESL Africa: Week 6
Read below the latest news regarding Week 6 of the ESL African Championship!

The sixth week of the championship went smoothly for Bravado Gaming after winning both maps against Damage control with 16-10, securing their first place in the group stage for the week and one of the two slots to the offline finals at rAge between the 6-8 October. It wasn’t as easy for Energy eSports and Big 5 the two contenders for the second place who had to face each other Thursday. After a draw against each other with scores 16-4 for Energy eSports and 16-6 for Big 5 eSports, Energy eSports secureD their second place for the week and the guaranteed slot for the finals, while remaining to be seen in the 7th week is who will take the first place in the groups and the prize of 11442 USD.

The North group stage continues to surprise us as always after three of the four games that happened on the 6th week ended in draws. While LimitlessGG secured their first place after winning both maps against fractals, VIBORA was stopped on their way to second place by KappaMa after a close draw, leaving the decider matches to happen in the last week, VIBORA only need another draw while Generation Digital and KappaMa need a win. Drinkpizza tried their best to secure their slot for season 3 in the match against TUNISIA WITH LOVE but they only got a draw after two close games.

The 6th week for Hearthstone lingered on the same pace as the previous ones, since after six match weeks, the final rankings will be finally decided next week. Sythe kept his place in the front of the group, while henrilys and OverGame are tied for the second place. The only difference between the previous week is that now we know the first qualified player. Henrilys is the first player qualified to the offline finals with 24 points, even if the current players tied on 18 points win their next two matches and sythe loses both of them, he still wins on score difference in the whole group stage.