Last Week in ESL Africa: Week #7
The 7th week of the championship is finally over and the results are not far from what we expected.

The top 2 group stage leaders finally clashed in the final match of the season with a score that was somehow expected. After a lot of technical problems and other life problems that made them play with their coaches as substitutes, the match between Bravado Gaming and Energy eSports ended in a draw, leaving the offline finals their last chance to decide the best team. The first map played was mirage and it was won by Bravado Gaming with 16-14 after coming back from Energy Gaming early domination. The second map was won by Energy Gaming with 16-13 after playing four rounds of the first half with their coach Kasim “CAWA” Ahmad, the captain blackpoison returning during the first half and securing their win. Goliath Gaming fought their way into the top 4 teams and secured their spot for the next season, leaving Damage Control, EXDEE Gaming, xTC Gaming and Flipsid3 Africa to fight in relegations for their spot in the next season.

The North African group stage ended as tight as the previous week with another 3 draws. Even though everyone wants a win for their record, VIBORA was happy with a draw against TUNISIA WITH LOVE because that secured the second spot in the offline finals and the second place in the group stage. The other six teams fought this week to secure their spot for the next season, while KappaMa only needed a draw the other five teams needed a win. Since three of the matches ended in draws, the only team that succeeded to snag a win was fractals in the game against No Relation Team, ending tied in points and score difference against Generation Digital. In this case, the tiebreaker rules were applied; the tiebreaker being the head to head game that ended 2-0 in week 5 in favor of fractals, thus securing them the 4th place. Generation Digital , TUNISIA WITH LOVE, No Relation Team and drinkpizza will have to play in the relegations against the new contenders to win their slot back in the championship. 

The 7th week for Hearthstone started with chances for everyone to make it in top 4, leaving Sunday, the last day of play to be the decider. OverGame succeeded in defending his position and ended up in second place while Menlyn won both matches with 3-1 and bumped himself in the third position. OverGame, Menlyn, Saliom and henrilys ended up with the same amount of points and wins, but the only one losing on the tiebreaker is henriyls, so Saliom ends in 4th place. The bottom four will have to win their way back in the championship against the players from the next season's qualifiers.