Player Profile: Sythe
Known for his top of the notch performance during the first season of the ESL African Championship, Adam “Sythe” Katz is currently standing at the top of the ladder of this season as well.

The 28 years old South African player started his career back in the day by playing Magic the Gathering, and as in most cases following his friends’ instigation, joined Hearthstone and the rest is history.

Sythe’s professional career counts a number of competitive appearances in both continental and local events, with the inaugural season of the African Championship being his most recent one. His exceptional performance throughout the whole duration of both seasons of the championship also coincide with his most memorable competitive career moments, with the most intense one being his loss in the first season at the end of the bracket after a really strident battle. Except for the African Championship, Sythe has also obtained both a silver and a gold medal at the DGL premier league.

In our short profiling interview, Sythe expressed his opinion on the current status of the eSports scene in Africa, stating that from his point of view it is developing consistently when considering the amount of players and the passion within them as well as the increasing prize pools that keep popping up.

From our side we would like to thank Adam “Sythe” Katz for this very short interview he provided for us! Stay tuned to the ESL Africa pro page as more player profiles are set to come.